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Free shipping from 25€ within Germany

Zwei Kinder füttern eine Puppe von Goetz, eine Goetz Babypuppe mit Namen Cookie
Development Stages

Individualised play fun matched to your child's abilities

The first few months are an important time for parents and child. During this time, the developmental steps come thick and fast.
As they grow from baby to toddler to child, they discover the world in an increasingly differentiated way. 

Their play needs also change. We have designed and developed the Götz world of dolls according to these needs.
With Götz dolls, your child learns to consolidate and familiarise themselves with the skills of their age. They are a play companion that supports what has been learnt. 

In our collections you will find exactly the right doll for your child and expansion options for every age group.

From zero months

The first month is particularly exciting. Your baby is born with a developed sense of smell, taste, touch and hearing. 
Initially, it explores the world with its tongue and lips.

So that your little one can explore the world without hesitation, we have developed 
Baby Pure and Lina & Linus made of natural rubber have been developed. They are characterised by the use of high-quality outer materials as well as particularly safe, hard-wearing and ecological processing.

From 18 months

Now it's getting exciting - from 18 months your child reaches the next stage of development. This is also when play behaviour changes. Your child now learns more and more through observation and imitation. 

 Muffins and Aquinis are therefore perfect for role play and enrich your child's world of experience in a variety of ways.

- right from the start. 

At this age, your little one is particularly caring. Sometimes he sees in the baby doll the longed-for little sister or brother. Now he wants to cradle it in his arms, change it, dress it, bathe it after feeding and put it to bed.

From the age of 3 years

Movement sequences are consolidated in the 3rd year of life. The more often movements are repeated, the better the fine motor skills manifest themselves. 
Through play and fun, gross and fine motor skills can be trained. 
Götz supports this development. We pay particular attention to long hair for braiding, hairdressing and styling. 

Dressing and undressing, details such as ribbons for tying bows or buttons and buttonholes are therefore ideal for practising. Scientific studies show that the two hemispheres of the brain are connected via the cross-over movement.

Muffin Popsicle
Available beginning of May

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From the age of 5 years

Now it's time for a standing doll. The doll is no longer a baby, but a real friend who shares her preferences and fashion tastes. The world of the big girls is imitated and the doll is given fashionably cool clothes and does everything the grown-ups do. From now on she will be styled, made up and dressed up!

We recommend the Götz Girls for ages 5 and up, although they are safely tested for ages 3 and up. The fine motor skills allow all play possibilities to be creatively utilised from the age of 5.

Let your child learn and develop through play.