Welcome to the new Götz doll world!

Welcome to the new Götz doll world!

Kind macht Yoga mit Yogapuppe von Goetz, links und rechts sind Puppenaccsessories abgebildet zum spielen
Yoga for child and doll

The benefits of children's yoga

  • Children's yoga is very diverse. It strengthens both physical and mental development of your child. 

  • Yoga enhances movability, concentration and creativity.

  • Your child learns to control emotions and behaviour and to relax at the same time through breathing and relaxation excercises.

  • Little ones learn yoga in a playful way as they can't relax on command. This is why yoga dices are perfect for introducing yoga to your child.

Lottas yoga lesson - learn the ABC & practise words you like

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Photo by Deniz Ergöz