Welcome to the new Götz doll world!

Welcome to the new Götz doll world!

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Find suitable accessories by the number identification in the neck of your doll!
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Find suitable accessories by the number identification in the neck of your doll!
Find suitable accessories by the number identification in the neck of your doll!

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Götz dolls to 
Play. Style. Give.

Götz dolls accompany children throughout their lives - thanks to the highest quality and safety. The large selection of baby dolls and standing dolls is complemented by stylish doll fashion and can perfectly be combined with accessories such as doll prams and trendy doll furniture.

Which Götz doll for which age?

We offer dolls for every age. Some children like large dolls they can mother while others love small dolls they can simply carry around. For some children a doll can help falling asleep while others look for a friend with whom they can share everything.

Parents, family and friends often ask themselves which doll suits which age group!

Götz Puppenmanufaktur offers dolls for every age. However, there are no age restrictions. The first doll will always remain a special doll for your child.

As a first doll or to a birth, Baby Pure is the perfect gift. It is characterised by its soft body and it's pollutant-free and made from sustainable materials.
We recommend our soft-body baby dolls Muffins without hair and our hard-body bath babies Aquini for children from 18 months. They are great for cuddling or for bathtime fun in the bath.
Baby dolls with hair are the perfect play companion for children from 3 years. There is a large selection of baby dolls with hair that can be styled and coiffed.
Götz standing dolls are tested for children from 3 years, we recommend them from 5 years old as this is when your child's fine motor skills develop. The Precious Day Girls are standing dolls with a soft body and, therefore, also a great doll to cuddle. The 50 cm multi jointed standing dolls Happy Kidz are a great play companion for doll mums and doll dads. Little Kidz, the new standing doll with a size of 36 cm, is a great play size for children and can also be taken along on trips.
Our goal is not only to develop the right doll for every child but also to create play worlds which make meaningful giving possible. That's why - in addition to dolls - we also offer doll clothes and doll accessories such as doll beds, doll prams and cuddly horses.

Give the gift of playfulness with dolls from the Götz doll factory

Götz dolls have been delighting children since 1950, the year the Götz doll factory was founded. However, the history of the doll as one of the oldest toys goes back much further. Already in the Roman Empire, children were occupied with ceramic or alabaster dolls. And no matter how fundamentally our world has changed since then - creative play with dolls has lost none of its appeals: it is absolutely timeless and, from an educational point of view, just as suitable for boys as for girls. Children imitate their own experiences and adventures when playing with their Götz dolls - the doll is a real friend and, at the same time, the reflection of their own personality.

Discover the diverse world of Götz dolls

Every Götz doll invites different role plays in its own way. This is how they help children to understand their environment "through play" and to feel understood. In our collection, you will find exactly the right doll for little doll mothers and doll fathers for every age group. For the youngest, we recommend cuddly soft baby dolls to cuddle and love. At kindergarten age, Muffins are always there as the first dress-up dolls - they are also available in Mini and Maxy sizes. As the demands grow with the children, girls in particular later love their movable standing dolls, which they can pamper to their heart's content, do their hair imaginatively and always dress anew. A doll of the dreamlike kind is "Our Sandman" which many children know from television.

Which dolls do children need to play with

Children see their dolls as real playmates whom they give a name, who they love and take responsibility for. Dolls help them to empathise with other people and to re-enact everyday experiences. Small children like simple dolls to which they give a "soul" without technical finesse at the push of a button. This is why we at Götz create dolls without all superfluous stimuli through electronic functions. With our dolls, children should be able to immerse themselves in their own play ideas. This is precisely why they do not lose their appeal as quickly as electronical toys often do. Especially the first dolls are often cherished by children for a long time and kept as a memory.

Typical Götz: doll quality from head to toe

With a Götz doll you choose high-quality standards with a seal of approval and tested safety. When playing with our products, children are guaranteed not to come into contact with plasticisers and AZO dyes. This also applies to all of our clothes and doll accessories. Children can play creatively with our dolls and get pleased through this. Children can interpret their own feelings in the doll's face through its neutral facial expression - whether joy, sadness, disappointment or anger. A Götz doll is a friend for the whole childhood - and often far beyond. With our Götz dolls, you give away valuable, constant playmates for many happy childhood moments and a healthy development.