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Baby dolls to play with and love 

Baby dolls have often been the favourite toys of little doll mothers and doll fathers for years. They are light, cuddly and pleasantly soft - and they look like real babies! You can cradle them in your arms, change them, dress them, give them bottles, put them to bed and take them for a walk. 

Some can even be bathed extensively and dry quickly in the air afterwards. 

Our high-quality baby dolls are available in various styles, including hard-body baby dolls, soft-body baby dolls and our bath babies.

Hard body baby dolls:
Hard-body baby dolls are made entirely of vinyl
The head, arms and legs are fully movable and ideal for children who play actively with their dolls. The firm, hard body ensures stability and durability, even during exuberant adventures. Children can carry these dolls, sit them down, change them and experience many exciting adventures. The realistic details and quality craftsmanship make their little ones best friends.

Soft body baby dolls:
Soft-body baby dolls have a soft body with vinyl arms and legs. The soft-body of the baby dolls, filled with fluffy cotton wool and fine granules, is perfect for cuddling and loving. The soft-body baby dolls are perfect for building loving relationships and encouraging sensitive role play. Their cute facial features and realistic appearance are great fun for children of all ages.

Bath Babies:
The Götz Bath Babies are made entirely of vinyl and are 100% waterproof. They are designed to splash around with children in the bath or pool. Thanks to their waterproof design, they can be safely immersed in water, providing unforgettable water fun.Götz bath babies are particularly easy to care for, as they can dry after bathing without damage.

The correct baby doll for your child: Dream Dolls by Götz 

Children can play devotedly and persistently with their baby dolls. They develop creative ideas and regard the doll as their child or best friend. Sometimes, they also see their little sister or little brother in it. Free play with baby dolls enriches the child's world of experience and adventure in various ways - from the very beginning.
The size, weight and material of the Götz baby dolls depend on the age of the doll's parents. For each age group, there are special requirements that baby dolls must fulfil. Since it is extremely important to choose age-appropriate toys, we at Götz offer the correct baby doll for every age group of your child:

Baby dolls from 0 months: 

We have developed Lina & Linus from natural rubber and Baby Pure so the young can explore the world without worry. 
These baby doll models are extremely safely manufactured, machine washable and made exclusively from organic materials so they can be given as gifts at birth.

Baby dolls from 18 months: 

The baby dolls of the series, Muffin and Aquini, are ideal for the next age group from 18 months. 

The cuddly Muffins with sleeping eyes are filled with cotton wool and soft granules, especially bendable and cuddly. 
They are available in three different sizes: 

- Mini Muffin: 22 cm
- Muffin: 30 - 33 cm 
- Maxy Muffin: 42-46 cm 

The Götz Bathing Babies of the Aquini series, optionally with fabric body or waterproof doll body, are perfect play companions in the water. Aquini baby dolls are also available in three different sizes: 

- Mini Aquini: 22 cm
- Aquini, Sleepy Aquini and Cosy Aquini: 30- 33 cm
- Maxy Aquini: 42-46 cm

Baby dolls from 3 years:

Some of our baby dolls are designed for children over the age of 3. At this age, doll mothers are particularly caring: 
They want to change their babies, bathe them after feeding and are delighted when it is hardly distinguishable from a real baby, either externally or when carried. Bath babies or cookies are just suitable for slightly older doll mothers. The Bath Babies are available with either a fabric or waterproof doll body. On the other hand, cookies have different qualities: as big as a real newborn and almost as heavy, they are particularly suitable for children from the age of 5 due to their weight. The equipment also leaves nothing to be desired.

Suitable accessories for baby dolls 

The right accessories are indispensable to make the play experience even more exciting. We have a wide range of accessories for baby dolls that are not only fun but also stimulate the creative minds of little doll parents. 
From cute doll clothes, trendy little shoes, to doll prams, doll furniture and lingerie & basics - our range includes everything the little ones need to take care of their baby doll. 

Typical Götz - doll quality from head to toe 

When buying a doll, several important quality features are needed to ensure the toy is durable and safe.

Our Götz dolls stand for a high standard of quality with a seal of approval and tested safety. Children are guaranteed not to come into contact with plasticisers and AZO dyes when playing with our dolls. This also applies to all our clothes and doll accessories. Children can play with our dolls without hesitation and let off steam as they please. A Götz doll is a friend for the whole of childhood - and often beyond. With our Götz dolls, you give away valuable, constant playmates for many happy childhood moments and healthy development.

The Götz world of baby dolls is colourful 

Our Götz doll collection brings joy and diversity to the world of toys. With a wide range of gender-neutral dolls that feature different skin and hair colours, we promote an inclusive play environment for children of all genders and backgrounds.
At Götz, we place great importance on children being able to develop freely and live out their creativity. 
Therefore, many of our baby dolls are designed to be gender-neutral and can be played with by both girls and boys.
Diversity also allows children to develop their own ideas and role-play - independent of gender norms.
Götz baby dolls are, therefore, the perfect companion for creative play and the development of children's imagination.

Baby dolls with neutral facial expressions for emotional development 

The faces of our Götz baby dolls are deliberately designed to be neutral
This enables children to interpret their feelings into the facial expressions of the dolls. Whether joy, sadness, disappointment or anger - the neutral faces encourage children to express and understand their emotions. In this way, critical emotional skills are developed and encouraged.

Götz Babies - Baby doll series by Götz Puppenmanufaktur at a glance 

Doll series Muffin, Maxy Muffin and Mini Muffin:
They are available in sizes 22cm, 30-33 cm and 42-46 cm and are true playmates. Their soft fabric bodies are filled with fluffy cotton wool and fine granules, making them really cuddly.

Aquini and Sleepy Aquini doll series:
The 30-33 cm tall bath dolls provide real bathing and playing fun.

They have a drinking and wetting function.
The anatomically correct bodies are made of vinyl and are 100% waterproof.
Our Aquinis are available with painted eyes, and our Sleepy Aquinis with sleeping eyes.

Cosy Aquini and Mini Aquini doll series:
They are cuddly soft bath babies in sizes 33 and 22 cm and offer lots of bathing fun.

The soft fabric body filled with beads makes them cuddly dolls and bathing dolls simultaneously. The unique filling prevents the doll from sinking; after bathing fun, it can be left to air dry.

Maxy Aquini doll series:
The Götz Maxy Aquini is the big sister or brother of the Aquini bathing doll, with a size of 42 - 46 cm. It is available with hair as well as without.
The doll's hair can be washed and styled.

Discover the variety of Götz Baby - & Standing Dolls

Babypuppen können bereits in den ersten Lebensmonaten eines Kindes sinnvoll sein. Sie dienen dazu, die Sinne des Babys zu stimulieren und können beruhigend wirken. Weiche, kuschelige Puppen eignen sich besonders gut für Säuglinge. Allgemein ist es wichtig zu beachten, dass der Zeitpunkt, ab dem eine Puppe sinnvoll wird, von Kind zu Kind variiert. Einige Kinder interessieren sich früh für Puppen, während andere dies erst später tun. Es ist ratsam, die Interessen und Bedürfnisse Ihres Kindes zu beobachten und ihm die Möglichkeit zu geben, im eigenen Tempo zu wachsen und zu lernen.
Wir bieten Puppen für jedes Alter an. 
Ab 0 Jahren empfehlen wir die Baby Pure Erstlingspuppe zum Kuscheln, gefertigt aus schadstofffreien und nachhaltigen Stoffen.

Unsere Weichkörper Babypuppen sowie die Hartkörper Badepuppen empfehlen wir für Kinder ab 18 Monaten.

Babypuppen mit Haaren sind der perfekte Spielbegleiter ab 3 Jahren.

Doll care is an important aspect of the longevity of dolls. 
Here, the care requirements of hard-bodied and soft-bodied dolls differ.

- Hard body dolls: 
These dolls are made entirely of vinyl. The washable material allows dirt easily removed with a damp cloth and mild detergent

- Soft body dolls: 
These dolls have a body made of fabric, while the head, parts of the arms and legs are vinyl. They can be washed cold or at up to 30° C by hand or in the washing machine
If machine washing, the doll should be placed in a neutral pillowcase to prevent potential colour discolouration. Afterwards, the dolls in the pillowcase may also be put in the tumble dryer.

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Baby dolls can already be helpful in the first months of a child's life. They stimulate the baby's senses and can have a calming effect. Soft, cuddly dolls are particularly suitable for babies. Generally, it is essential to note that the point at which a doll becomes meaningful varies from child to child. Some children become interested in dolls early, while others do so later. It is advisable to observe your child's interests and needs and allow them to grow and learn at their own pace.
We offer dolls for all ages. 
From 0 years, we recommend the Baby Pure first doll to cuddle, made from pollutant-free and sustainable fabrics.

We recommend our soft-body baby dolls as well as the hard-body bath dolls for children from 18 months.

Baby dolls with hair are the perfect play companion for 3 years

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