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Doll outfits and accessories for every doll

Welcome to our brand new Götz category, "Shop the Look" - discover stylish outfits for our XL standing dolls and adorable baby dolls in size S in no time at all. Immerse yourself in the world of winter-chic ensembles that fit perfectly under any Christmas tree or make a magical gift for St Nicholas or birthdays.

Our carefully curated 'Shop the Look' sets instantly make it easy to find matching doll clothes and accessories. From elegant winter coats to enchanting knitted outfits and festive dresses, we've put together the perfect combinations so that Götz dolls can shine in every season and for every occasion.

With the festive season approaching, what could be a better gift than a gorgeous outfit for your beloved dolls? These sets are perfect as a gift for Christmas, as a special surprise for St Nicholas or as a highlight for birthdays. Make every occasion unforgettable by creating play worlds with your child's Götz dolls.

Explore our Götz "Shop the Look" category now and experience the joy only perfectly coordinated doll outfits can provide. Create winter magic - stylish, festive and always on trend. The perfect gift is just waiting to be discovered!