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Doll Carriers

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Discover the World with Doll Carriers: Stylish, Practical, and Fun for Kids

Welcome to the exciting world of doll carriers! Our doll carrycots offer a soft and cosy nest for your children's favourite companions. Little doll parents can comfortably carry their playmates with belly carriers, while Maxi-Cosy models provide the comfort and safety familiar with actual baby seats.

But why is it so great for children to take their dolls everywhere? Well, the reasons are numerous and appeal to both children and parents:

Creativity and Imagination: Allowing children to take their dolls everywhere enables them to unleash their imagination and embark on their own little adventures. From imaginary outings to role-playing, they can immerse themselves in their own world.

Responsibility and Care: Carrying the doll enables children to take care of their playmates, fostering the development of responsibility and care. They learn to pay attention to the needs of others and develop empathy.

Social Interaction: Children love to share their dolls with friends and play together. Doll carrying promotes social interactions and supports the development of social skills such as sharing, cooperation, and communication.

Doll Carrier: Belly Carrier, Cot, Maxi Cosi & Basket

Our doll carrier models come in various colors, like blue and pink, to cater to your child's personal preferences and individual style. Convenient designs make them easy to carry, making playing on the go or at home even simpler and more comfortable.

Discover our range of doll carriers today and let your children enjoy the freedom and fun of taking their dolls everywhere!

Doll Carrying: Fostering Self-Confidence and Family Bonds A Step Towards Independence

Children from around 18 months of age begin a phase of detachment and exploration. They view the world with curious eyes and often venture into new realms of experience, whether through the start of daycare or other social interactions. However, while their minds expand, their abilities may sometimes lag behind, leading to frustration and strong emotions. A Götz doll carrier can be a valuable support during this time, instilling in the child a sense of self-efficacy – the assurance that they can effect change themselves and are not solely reliant on their parents.

Preparing for a New Sibling

Often, around the age of 3, a new sibling is on the way. The anticipation, along with the changes it brings, can be challenging for the whole family. Here, a Götz doll cot can help by providing the older child with an opportunity to lovingly and playfully prepare for the role of big brother or sister.

Playful Learning and Responsibility

Through playing with dolls and other toys, children learn in a playful manner what is expected of them as big siblings. Caring for their playmates fosters a sense of responsibility and strengthens the family bond. A Götz doll belly carrier can help in this regard by providing the child with security and familiarity.

Mirror Neurons and Empathy Development

Mirror neurons in the brain allow children to observe and understand behaviors, laying the foundation for empathy development. By imitating their parents and finding themselves in similar situations, children learn to adapt and feel comfortable. Carrying a doll in a Götz doll carrier in hand or in a doll belly carrier creates a connection and promotes a sense of belonging.

Comfort and Safety for the Little Ones

Götz doll carriers are specifically designed to meet the needs of young children. The various models offer comfort and safety in both front and back carrying positions, as well as in a simple carrying mode by the handle. Made from high-quality materials, they are easy to clean and, therefore, ideal for the little ones.

When purchasing doll carriers, several important aspects should be considered to ensure long-lasting play enjoyment.

1. Compatibility with doll size:
Götz offers various doll models with different sizes. Therefore, it's crucial that the carrier fits the size of the doll. Pay attention to the corresponding size indications, which clearly mark our doll carriers.

2. Quality & Craftsmanship:
Furthermore, the quality of craftsmanship is a decisive criterion. Götz quality is evident in clean, firm seams that ensure the carrier does not tear or come apart even under heavy use.

3. Comfort & Ergonomics:
Our high-quality baby carriers are designed to be comfortable for children to wear. Features like adjustable straps, snap-button openings, or click closures ensure ergonomic comfort and easy handling.

The longevity and cleanliness of doll carriers are essential for children to enjoy their toy for a long time. Thanks to the easy-care and possibly removable covers, dirt can be removed in no time.
We recommend cold washing at a maximum of 30 degrees.
Light soiling can be wiped off with a damp cloth.

Götz's doll carriers can be excellently integrated into educational play activities to teach children important social and emotional skills. One way is to encourage role-playing games where children reenact everyday situations like walks, doctor's visits, or shopping trips with their dolls. Including doll carriers in such scenarios teaches children to take responsibility and develop empathy for others. This playful integration into daily life not only promotes cognitive development but also strengthens the child's emotional attachment to their toy.