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The Götz dolls Beauty Salon

The hair of the Götz dolls is something very special. It is washable and can be combed, twisted, styled and coiffed. There is everything you need for the perfect beauty salon. Peppy hair styles, hair dryer, brush and comb, curlers, stylist sets just like at the hairdresser's. There are no limits to children's creativity and joy of discovery.

Playful learning through styling

In order to be able to create a large number of dolls' hairstyles, we have let the hair of the Götz dolls grow extra long. Motor skills can be learned and developed through play. For example, when braiding the hair, the crossed movement connects the right and left hemispheres of the brain which is enormously important for a healthy child development. For passionate stylists, the Götz hair and make-up head is perfect, with its countless accessories and suction cups for a firm hold on the dressing table.

Quality time together

It's great fun to do hair together and to try out or touch up hairstyles. And when the glitter clips, the unicorn bunny or coronet hairband come into play, you can even slip into a role at the same time. Whether you're a princess, a unicorn or a top model with glitter stones in your hair - everything has been thought of. There are even hair bands in the mini me look - for doll and child.