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Magazin No. 8

Creative play endows children with a world they can experience in active role-play only. Even more so they can assimilate all the impressions they have daily. The neutral look of our Götz girls and babies allows the child to interpret any emotion, like joy, sorrow or affection – they can feel understood.  All our dolls are tested in-play for the age 3 years and up. Selcted dolls, tested 0 and up or 18 months and up, you will find looking out for our age icons.

Deliberately abstaining from electronic functions, fantasy can unfold boundlessly. Redundant amenities are reduced, the child can concentrate on play completely. Cognitive abilities such as learning, thinking, empathizing or memory are stimulated, as well as creativity and fine motor skills, thanks to endless variation and detail. Motor skills are also promoted through playing with the dolls.

Sincerely yours, The Götz Family

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