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Götz Girls – Standing Dolls as Best friends

The large dolls of the Götz Girl collection are the friends every child wishes for. Fully posable, they can be placed in any pose during free play. When a new look is needed, the lifelike hair of these standing dolls can be washed, combed, and styled. Modern and versatile doll fashion invites play and styling.

Choosing the Right Standing Doll for Your Child: Götz Girls in Various Sizes

Standing dolls come in various size options. At Götz, we offer large dolls in sizes 27 cm, 36 cm, 46 cm, and 50 cm. All standing dolls are designed based on natural body proportions. Due to their different sizes, they are perfect for indoor and outdoor play. Our smaller standing doll models, especially our 36 cm doll, are super handy for children and the perfect travel companion.


Hard Body or Soft Body Dolls - What's the Right Choice for Standing Dolls?

When choosing a standing doll, you are faced with an important decision: Should it have a hard body or a soft body? Each of these options offers specific advantages and characteristics that make them ideal for different needs and preferences of the child.

Hard body dolls are made of vinyl and impress with their full posability. Each doll can be individually posed, making them the ideal playmate for children. The sturdy nature of the material ensures that the dolls are durable and easy to care for. Simply wipe them with a damp cloth and mild detergent, and the standing doll looks good as new. These characteristics make Götz's hard body dolls an excellent choice for children who enjoy placing their dolls in different roles and scenarios.

In contrast to hard body dolls, soft body dolls have a cuddly body complemented by vinyl arms and legs. This combination makes soft body dolls particularly cuddly and ideal for younger children who like to hug their dolls and take them to bed. A major advantage of soft body dolls is their ease of care - they are both washing machine and dryer safe, making them a practical companion in everyday life.

Large Dolls with Hair for Creative Playtime

In the world of play, dolls with hair are an absolute highlight. At Götz, we offer a great selection of large dolls with hair that have been specially designed to promote children's creativity and fine motor skills. These dolls not only invite role-playing but also offer countless opportunities to develop hairstyling skills.
Only high-quality hair with a natural appearance is used for our standing dolls. The hair is sewn into the doll's head and is very durable. Children can easily wash, style, and comb it.

Götz Care Tip:
The doll's hair can be washed with a mild shampoo in lukewarm water. After washing, the hair can be combed and styled. Then, it can be air-dried or blow-dried.

Care Instructions for Standing Dolls – Learning to Care for and Nurture Playfully

Proper care ensures that standing dolls remain in good condition for a long time, and they can even be passed down to accompany multiple generations through childhood. However, during play, it's common for the little companion to get dirty or tangled hair. But there's no need to worry! Taking care of standing dolls is easy.

Hard-bodied standing dolls can be cleaned with mild shower gel and a damp cloth, while their hair can be washed with a mild shampoo and dried in the air or with a hairdryer.
Soft-bodied standing dolls can be washed in the washing machine and dried in the dryer or air-dried. Ideally, place the standing doll in a color-neutral pillowcase to ensure material protection.

Appropriate Clothing and Accessories for Large Dolls

Choosing the right clothing and accessories is essential to enrich and personalize the playing experience with dolls. With the variety of outfits and accessories available, children can not only change the appearance of their standing dolls but also their roles and the scenarios they play.

Clothing for large dolls offers numerous opportunities for creative play. Whether it's a fancy dress, casual everyday wear, or riding attire – each outfit contributes to allowing the doll to embody different characters. This not only fosters children's imagination but also their ability to empathize and role-play various life situations.

Accessories such as hats, headbands, glasses, and shoes complement the wardrobe of standing dolls and provide children with additional tools to emphasize the individuality of each doll further. This type of accessory not only helps sharpen aesthetic sensibilities but also improves motor skills, as putting on and taking off smaller accessories requires fine motor skills and dexterity.
The sizing of Götz doll clothing varies depending on the type of doll to ensure optimal fit and functionality. For standing dolls like Hannahs, Precious Day Girls, and Happy Kidz, clothing in size XL (45-50 cm) is ideal, while Little Kidz fit best into size XM (36 cm). The smaller Just Like Me dolls, on the other hand, require clothing in size XS (25-30cm).

For every season, we offer an extensive selection of matching clothing for large dolls: light and colorful outfits for spring and summer, as well as warm and cozy clothing for autumn and winter. Furthermore, our range expands thematically into various doll worlds, ensuring there's something for every interest. Whether it's festive dresses and accessories for Christmas and winter, enchanting costumes for the world of magic and ballet, or special gear for adventures – we have the perfect outfit and accessories for every standing doll to make the playing experience even more authentic and varied.

To find the perfect outfit or accessory for each individual Götz doll, our accessory finder on our website provides a user-friendly solution. Simply enter the doll type and the specific numerical code found on the neck of each doll, and it will lead directly to the matching accessories and clothing!

Overview of Götz Standing Doll Models

Each charming Hannah standing doll is suited to a specific theme of play. Whether it's ballet class or a horseback ride – the outfits and accessories appeal to modern, fashion-conscious girls and promote creativity during play. A special feature of the 50 cm tall Hannah is her fully posable vinyl hard body. This not only allows the dolls to be posed in different positions but also gives them a realistic posture and mobility. Children can pose our Hannah standing doll in numerous poses, whether it's in ballet class, on a horse, or playing in the nursery.
The high-quality, lifelike hair is sewn into the doll's head, making it particularly durable. So the next appointment at the doll hairdresser for washing, combing, and styling can be scheduled right away.

Precious Day Girls
The Precious Day Girls are 46 cm tall standing dolls that delight with their charming appearance and realistic features such as real sleeping eyes and robust hair. The dolls have a soft body that is still sturdy enough to stand upright. The arms, legs, and head are made of vinyl and fully posable, making dressing and undressing easier and creating a realistic playing experience. Suitable for children aged 3 and up, the Precious Day Girls are ideal for role-playing everyday situations and developing empathy and social skills. Their modern design and high quality make them a long-lasting companion in the nursery.

Happy Kidz
With their 9 joints, the Happy Kidz dolls offer exceptional flexibility, allowing children to pose the dolls in almost any position. These 50 cm tall vinyl standing dolls are ideal for children who want to actively engage in their play worlds. Whether it's yoga, horseback riding, or ballet – Happy Kidz adapt to any activity. Their durable hair and easy joint handling promote motor skills and creativity in children aged 3 and up. These dolls are not just playmates but also catalysts for boundless creative play.

Little Kidz
Little Kidz are a smaller version of the Happy Kidz, offering the same flexibility and variety. With a size of 36 cm and 9 joints, they are perfect for younger children looking for an easier-to-handle standing doll. Despite their smaller size, they provide great fun and promote the development of fine motor skills through dressing and positioning the doll in various poses. Little Kidz are robust and durable, ideal for daily use, and foster role-playing at an early age. Their size makes them perfect travel companions and fits into any suitcase.

Just Like Me
Just Like Me dolls (27 cm) are the smallest standing dolls in our collection but offer big personalities. Each doll has unique hair and eye colors, giving them an individual character. These dolls are ideal for younger children looking for a personal mini-me and appreciate simple yet creative play opportunities.

Whether for imaginative hairstyling games, adventurous role-playing, or simply for cuddling and loving – Götz standing dolls are the ideal choice for every child. With high-quality craftsmanship and thoughtful design, each doll supports individual development and guarantees long-lasting fun.

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Standing dolls are toy dolls designed to stand independently, often supported by movable joints on their arms, legs, and sometimes neck. They typically have a solid body made of vinyl or a similar material, providing them with stability. The key difference from baby dolls lies in their representation and function. While standing dolls often depict children and invite active role-playing, baby dolls typically mimic infants and are geared towards promoting nurturing and caring play behaviors.

Standing dolls are particularly popular because they encourage children to assume various roles and act out everyday as well as fantastical scenarios. With their ability to stand and movable joints, they can be posed in a variety of positions for different play actions, making the play more realistic and versatile. They foster creativity, social skills, and understanding of social interactions in children. Additionally, the wide selection of Götz doll fashion and accessories specifically designed for large dolls allows for a deeper personal connection and expression of individual preferences and styles.

Parents can support their children's imagination and cognitive development through playing with standing dolls in various ways:
Engage in cooperative play: Parents can play together with their children by taking on roles and co-creating stories. This strengthens language skills and social understanding.

Encourage storytelling: Parents can encourage their children to narrate stories they experience with their dolls. This not only promotes language development but also the ability to express thoughts and feelings.

Utilize diverse accessories: By providing various outfits and accessories, parents can help expand the creative possibilities of play.
Through these supportive measures, parents can enrich playtime and promote important developmental aspects of their children.