Free shipping from 25€ within Germany

Free shipping from 25€ within Germany

Mädchen im Garten kümmert sich um Blumen und plant for the planat initative Logo mit Goetz Puppen
Plant for the Planet

Our project "Plant for the Planet"

We count on highly reliable dolls and accessories without any concern for children.

It's important to us to give our products durability and convey this to parents and children.

This is why we support a great project which protects both environment and nature. 

Plant for the planet

Planting trees for a better world – that's what it's about! Felix Finkbeiner was only 9 years old when establishing "Plant for the Planet". Up to now, his mission is to start a global movement. The goal is to plant one trillion new trees in order to prevent climate crisis. So far, already 13.6 billion trees were planted.

We want to support this organisation. This is why one tree is planted with "Plant for the Planet" for every Götz Lina doll we sell.

Baby Pure Lina 

We are particularly proud of her as she's the worlds' first 100% Bio-natural caoutchouc-doll made from renewable raw material!
Lina comes in a compostable bag made from cornflour. 
Doll mums and doll dads may take a bath with Lina, cuddle and play with her as she loves all of that.

Did you know…

… what caoutchouc is?

The name caoutchouc comes from an Indian language and means teardrop of a tree. Caoutchouc is gained from the juice of a special tree. After gaining it, rubber is made from this caoutchouc. We need it for erasing, rain coats, rubber boots and, of course, for our doll Lina.
Photos by Maggie my Photo Album on Pexels