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The Götz Gifts World: Beautiful Gift Ideas for Children

Explore the enchanting world of Götz gifts, where diversity, quality, and individuality come together. We understand how important it is to find gifts for children that are not only age-appropriate but also correspond to the child's individual interests and developmental stage. Our range includes a diverse selection of dolls and accessories covering various play themes, such as ballet, horseback riding, fairies & princesses, bath time fun, beauty salon, and much more. Whether it's celebrating a child's birthday, enriching the festive season of Christmas, creating a joyful Easter celebration, or finding a unique gift for baptism - our diverse options are suitable for any occasion and can also be personalized upon request.

The Best Birthday Gift Ideas for Kids

Discover the variety of Götz doll worlds and find the perfect gift for the birthday child. Depending on the child's interests, appropriate themed worlds can be selected to find a suitable gift that is not only high quality and lovingly designed but also reflects the individual personality of the recipient. Our doll worlds include the following play realms:
Christmas & Winter
Bath Time Fun
Beauty Salon
Horseback Riding
Travel & Outdoor
Enchanted World

Whether they're horse lovers, water enthusiasts, or little dancing mice: the doll worlds offer the ideal gift for every taste!

Gift Ideas for Kids at Christmas

To find the perfect Christmas gift, it is crucial to know the interests of the little recipient. All our items are marked with the appropriate age rating, ensuring that the gift is perfectly tailored to the needs and abilities of the child. Additionally, our doll worlds cover all interests, such as ballet, bath time fun, horseback riding, enchanted world, etc. Thus, an individual play environment can be created to fuel the child's imagination. Götz not only offers high-quality playmates but also the opportunity to create a fascinating play world around the existing dolls or doll accessories.

Our Tip: Simply pass on gift wishes to gift givers such as aunts, uncles, godparents, etc., or share and create a great play world without straining the wallet.

The Perfect Baptism Gift

The perfect baptism gift from Götz Dolls? We recommend our Baby Pure doll series. These soft dolls made from certified organic materials are the ideal first companions for the little ones. The "Baby Pure" series has been specially developed for the very youngest (0+), with the highest emphasis on safety, durability, and ecology. All Baby Pure dolls feature a facial shell and a fixed head, making them particularly lightweight and safe for little hands. Our favorite from the series: Baby Pure Starry Sky in a dreamy starry look and soft terry cloth fabric.

Special Gifts for the Easter Basket

Unique Easter gifts for children from Götz! From the cuddly towel Lampi to the creative Design and Style set, to the adorable Lampi Twins set for doll and doll mommy, the Butterfly makeup set - for Easter, we have some great spring and bunny items in stock that are perfect for the Easter basket. Enjoy searching!

Gifts for Every Budget

Looking for unique gifts for children that appeal to every budget? In the Götz Gifts category, we offer a variety of options that cater to every budget without compromising on quality and value
Looking for a small token for the child? In our selection under 10 euros or under 25 euros, you'll surely find a suitable gift that brings happiness. We've also put together larger gift ideas for children under 50 euros and under 100 euros.

Götz Doll Manufactory Gift Voucher

For those looking for the perfect last-minute gift for kids, we also offer vouchers. Simply select the amount, add a nice message, and provide the email address for online delivery - and the gift is ready! This way, the recipient child can be involved in choosing their favorite doll or the most beautiful doll accessories.

Cotton & Linen Gift Bags

Looking for sustainable gift packaging? Cotton and linen gift bags are not only an environmentally friendly packaging alternative but also a practical accessory for children. These versatile bags initially serve as original gift packaging and later as storage for toys or clothes, making them useful even years later. Götz's gift bag can be easily purchased from our online shop and even personalized. Another nice detail is the gift tag that can be attached to the bag. On the front, you can write the child's name, and on the back, there is a lovingly drawn picture with a horse motif to color in.

Personalized Gift Ideas for Children

Make every gift unique with our embroidery service! We offer the possibility to personalize gifts even further. With this service, selected clothing items - marked with our "Personalize Me" button - can be embroidered with the child's or doll's name. This individual touch gives the gift a personal meaning and makes it special.

Sustainable Giving with Lina & Linus

When it comes to wanting to give ecologically and sustainably, you can't go past Lina & Linus from Götz. The two dolls are made from 100% natural rubber, light, and cuddly, and their clothing is made from certified organic materials, making them an absolutely well-thought-out gift set. We are constantly working to expand the range of organic toys to provide children with a sustainable and safe play environment. Bio-dolls and bio-doll accessories are characterized for us primarily by the material. All our cuddly soft suits and berets are made from high-quality organic cotton, which is obtained with great care in controlled organic cultivation (kbA).

Matching Gifts for Every Age

The needs and interests of children vary depending on their age. Therefore, we offer gifts that are age-appropriate. Whether for newborns, preschoolers or school-age children - our range is designed to offer dolls & accessories that consider the developmental stages and abilities of each age. Our doll finder helps to find the perfect gift for age groups from 0 months, from 18 months, from 3 years, which not only provides fun but also promotes the child's development.

Gift Ideas for Newborns

To allow newborns to explore the world without worry, we have developed the Baby Pure doll series: Lina & Linus made of natural rubber and Baby Pure Starry Sky. These baby doll models are characterized by the use of high-quality materials, as well as particularly safe, durable, and ecological processing. They are also extremely securely processed, machine washable, and made exclusively from fabrics from controlled organic cultivation (kbA).

Gift Ideas for Children from 18 Months

The baby dolls of the Muffin and Aquini series are ideal for children from 18 months. The Muffins with sleeping eyes are filled with fluffy cotton and granules, making them particularly cuddly. They are available in three different sizes:
Mini Muffin: 22 cm
Muffin: 30 - 33 cm
Maxy Muffin: 42 - 46 cm

The bathing babies of the Aquini series, optionally with fabric body or waterproof body, provide real bathing and playing fun for children. They are also available in three different sizes:
Mini Aquini: 22 cm
Aquini, Sleepy Aquini, and Cosy Aquini: 30 - 33 cm
Maxy Aquini: 42 - 46 cm

Gift ideas for children aged 3 and above

The diverse selection of standing and baby dolls, as well as doll accessories, including the adorable Maxy Muffins and Maxy Aquinis, lovable Cookies, the cuddly Sandmännchen, along with our styling heads, sporty doll prams, and trendy doll fashion, is perfect for children aged 3 and above.

The Maxy Muffins, Maxy Aquinis, and Cookies invite imaginative adventures. The Sandmännchen brings magical dreams to the children's room, while the doll prams complement the repertoire, allowing doll parents to chauffeur their companions safely and stylishly through the children's room. With the styling heads, little stylists can unleash their creativity. Our safe and stylish doll fashion completes the varied playing experience for children.

Gender-neutral gifts for children

Our dolls and doll accessories are for all the little adventurers out there, regardless of whether they're girls or boys. Our range is designed to give children the freedom to unleash their imagination, irrespective of gender norms. We believe that toys should have no boundaries. With a variety of trendy styles and colors, we offer doll clothing that delights boys and girls alike. Götz dolls and doll accessories represent a world full of creativity and fun, where every child can craft their own story.

Thoughtful gifting with our Gift Guide

Explore our Gift Guide for meaningful gifting. With our Gift Guide, you can conveniently find the right doll accessories for different doll sizes.

Here's how it works:
1. Choose the desired doll category
Babiesworld S 30 – 33 cm: Muffin & Aquini
Babiesworld M 42 – 46 cm: Maxy Muffin & Maxy Aquini
Girlsworld XM 36 cm: Little Kidz
Girlsworld XL 46 – 50 cm: Hannah, Happy Kidz, & Precious Day Girls

2. Select your doll's favorite accessories & gift play worlds to children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews & more.

Babiesworld S 30-33 cm – Muffin & Aquini

Baby doll accessories for size S 30-33 cm! Our charming accessories for size S dolls are perfectly matched to Muffin and Aquini. From adorable outfits to practical carry cots – here you'll find everything to complete the play of the little doll parents.

Babiesworld M 42-46 cm – Maxy Muffin & Maxy Aquini

For the larger baby dolls Maxy Muffin and Maxy Aquini, we offer a diverse selection of useful accessories and clothing. Bodysuits, onesies, long-sleeved bodysuits... - everything you need for the basic equipment of the beloved doll can be found here! This not only makes the play realistic but also pedagogically valuable.

Girlsworld XS 36 cm – Little Kidz

Our enchanting Little Kidz in size XM are perfect companions because they are handy, movable, stylish, and always on-trend. With their fashionable doll clothes and doll shoes and the ability to pose them in different poses, they inspire endless creative playfulness and make every moment a special adventure.

Girlsworld XL 46-50 cm – Hannah, Happy Kidz & Precious Day Girls

Our extensive range of doll fashion for the larger standing dolls Hannah, Happy Kidz, and Precious Day Girls leaves nothing to be desired. From elegant dresses to casual outfits to festive ensembles – each piece of clothing is carefully designed and made from high-quality materials to provide an authentic playing experience while promoting creativity.