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Kinder musizieren
Sound on

Did you know?

Music stimulates the nerve cells in the brain. As a result, emotional well-being, concentration and even the IQ of children will be enhanced. Playing a musical instrument and singing also encourage children's motor skills, creativity and language development.

Even babies love music and rhythms

For decades, parents have been humming songs to their children to fall asleep or to calm them down. In infant development, we see that the offspring follow more and more lip movements or react to rhythms. From the moment they can grasp, they begin to knock or rustle things together to make sounds. This is one of the first forms of communication their babies share with them and from around 6 months of age, babies begin to imitate their sounds and gestures. These imitations awaken your children's natural curiosity. In this way, you as parents encourage motor development quite incidentally.

Music stimulates children's imagination

Have you ever seen your child humming or singing along to a song?

Children simply love music. It encourages them to sing along and move to it. The right music can not only calm children down, but also raise their good mood. They learn by memorising lyrics in a playful and non-coercive way, which promotes memory and concentration at an early age. Listening to music or making music alone or as a family can be a varied activity for children. If you are no longer familiar with the lyrics and melody, Götz has great children's songs for different seasons for you here. We have lovingly compiled the Spotify playlists and created them to suit a wide range of occasions.

Photo by Cottonbro on Pexels