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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Here you will find answers to many questions about dolls and the family business Götz Puppenmanufaktur.

Questions about Dolls & Doll Accessories of the Götz World

We offer dolls for all ages. Some children like to drag around large dolls, while others prefer small dolls that they can mother. Some children only need the doll to fall asleep, while others look for a friend in her with whom they can share everything.

As a first doll or for birth, Baby Pure is the perfect gift. She is characterized by her soft body and her pollutant-free and sustainable fabrics.
We recommend our soft-body baby dolls as well as hard-body bath babies for children 18 months and older.
Baby dolls with hair are the perfect play companion for ages 3 and up. There is a wide selection of bath babies for all bath time fun and soft body dolls with hair for hairdressing.
Standing dolls are recommended for ages five and up. Here, children develop fine motor skills for playing. However, there is no age limit because the first doll will always remain a special doll for your child.

Dolls are a great play companion in childhood and are recommended for any age. The right doll can accompany children from birth, and depending on their age, there is a suitable doll for your baby, godchild or grandchild. Götz is always happy to advise which doll is best suited for the developmental stage of children.

Baby Pure is a doll with a large fabric content and from 0 years, made from organic fabrics.

The soft-body baby dolls as well as the hard-body bath babies without hair we recommend for children from 18 months. Here Götz offers for example the dolls Muffin or Aquini.

A larger baby doll, for example, the Götz Cookie is also suitable for 3 years and imitates the size and weight of a real baby.

Baby dolls with hair are the perfect play companion for 3 years. There is a large selection of bathing babies for all bathing fun and soft body dolls with hair for hairdressing.

Standing dolls are recommended for ages 5 and up. Here the children develop fine motor skills for playing. Here there are also soft-body or hard-body standing dolls. 

In general, however, there is no age limit, because the first doll will always remain a special doll for your child.

Dolls marked or filterable on our website "From 18 months" are suitable for 2 years. In general, dolls are good playmates to develop social skills and promote the development of fine motor skills. Learn more about the developmental stages and the benefits of playing with dolls.

All our dolls are tested for 3 years - we recommend baby dolls 30 cm or 42 cm, for example, the Götz Muffin and the Aquini baby dolls. If the doll should have a newborn size, we recommend 48 cm, for example, Maxy Muffin, Maxy Aquini or our Cookie. We recommend our standing dolls from 5 years because the motor skills allow a happy and perfect creative play, but they are also tested from 3 years.

The Götz doll Baby Pure is the perfect first doll for babies. She has a soft body to cuddle and love. Harmless and also the ideal gift for birth or first birthday.

Depending on the age, the Baby Pure doll 0+ or for 18 months our Muffins or baby dolls Aquini for bathing without hair are suitable. 

At Götz, our motto is Dolls to play with. Style. To create gifts. We are with our latest doll fashion always on the tooth of time. Incredibly trendy, and our latest doll model - the Little Kidz.

Baby dolls are great playmates and gifts for babies. For example, when a sibling arrives, Götz baby dolls can help build bonds, understand and develop new family life, and process change. It's an excellent way for parents to prepare their children. You can include doll and child as mom nurses, changes or bathes the new baby, so loving relationships can be built. What is experienced is acted out - their child becomes mom or dad too.

By playing with Götz dolls, children practice social intelligence and empathy. Baby and standing dolls go with children through further development and life stages. This is precisely why a doll belongs in every child's room. Dolls are made for cuddling and loving.

Girl or boy, role-playing with dolls allows your child to understand better and process the world and what they have experienced. Empathy, creativity, social role understanding, intelligence and motor skills are challenged and encouraged.

Dolls are best friends; they listen, cuddle, and are simply someone with whom children can share all their worries and joys.

Questions about the Götz doll manufactory & the Götz products

All Götz soft body dolls can be washed in the washing machine and are dryer suitable. Hard-body dolls from Götz are also very easy to clean. Learn more about doll care and cleaning in our doll spa section.

Dolls are playmates throughout childhood and can still be passed on to grandchildren and granddaughters. Götz offers a doll clinic with sister Ella. Here Götz dolls can be sent in and repaired and thus played with for generations.

All dolls from Götz are harmless and produced according to EN71 regulations. This guarantees safe and long-lasting play fun. 
Notable here are the dolls Lina and Linus - the first Götz dolls made of 100% natural rubber. They are sustainable. Vegan & Organic.

By actively doing role play with Götz dolls, children learn to understand the world through play. Handling different materials or functionalities promotes creativity, motor skills and intelligence. Our goal at Götz is to make meaningful gifting easy and to create play worlds through doll accessories that encourage, challenge and engage children independently.

Dolls are made with love and an eye for detail. We put a lot of emphasis on high quality and safety in all products. Special is the doll clinic for the repair of Götz dolls.

Götz dolls are made with love by a family for families. 

Our goal is that Götz dolls accompany children throughout their lives thanks to the highest quality and safety. The large selection of baby dolls and stand-up dolls is complemented by stylish doll fashion. It can be ideally combined with accessories such as doll prams and trendy accessories, creating unique play worlds for children by Götz.

Play. Style. Give - doll quality from head to toe.

With a Götz doll, you decide on high-quality standards with the seal of approval and tested safety. When playing with our products, children are guaranteed not to come into contact with plasticizers and AZO dyes. This also applies to all clothing and our complete range of doll accessories. Children can play creatively with our dolls as they please without hesitation. 
Children can interpret their own feelings in the doll's face with its neutral facial expressions - whether joy, sadness, disappointment or anger. 
A Götz doll is a friend for the whole childhood - and often far beyond. 
With our dolls, you give away valuable, constant playmates for many happy childhood moments and healthy development.