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Free shipping from 25€ within Germany


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Play and Discover with the Sandmann by Götz for babies and toddlers


With and without music!

Our sandmann are the ideal companions for the smallest ones in the family. They offer endless play fun and encourage the development of motor skills and imagination. Whether with soothing music or without - we have something to suit every taste.

Our Sandmann is based on the already 60-year-old traditional figure and is the perfect gift for boys and girls. 

Advantages of the Götz Sandmann 

1. Soft music option: With our musical doll sandmen, you can turn on a soothing melody to gently lull your child to sleep. The memorable music is an excellent start to any nighttime routine. 

2. Motor skills development: The different textures and elements on the dolls stimulate the senses and encourage the development of your child's motor skills.

3. High-quality materials: Our Sandmann dolls are made from safe, soft fabrics perfect for delicate baby hands.

4. Adorable design: With their cute and friendly appearance, our doll sandmen will instantly become your child's best friend.

Discover our range today and give the gift of unforgettable moments of play and learning.