Free shipping from 25€ within Germany

Free shipping from 25€ within Germany

...the Götz doll with prothesis

"Freedom starts in the mind"

Götz doll Nina as ambassador & soul mate for children with prothesis.

Inventions help us in many different areas of life and may do a lot of good for us. This is what Andreas and Michi, the founders of Mecuris, thought. They use the new 3D-print technology for manufacturing leg prothesis for adults, children and Götz doll Nina. Decorated with butterfly or unicorn  – the unique pieces become a part of the wearer. Simply wonderful!

Götz doll Nina also got a colourful prothesis printed in 3D for her missing leg so that she can dance, jump and be happy again. 
We hope that Nina will be an ambassador & soul mate in this way and accompany children into an open and light-hearted future.


Photos by Mecuris