Free shipping from 25€ within Germany

Free shipping from 25€ within Germany

Kind laechelt eine Stehpuppe von goetz an und spielt mit ihr
Mini me
Partner look for child & doll

Hannah be my Mini me 

In the past it was called partner look and now we say mini me.
Gotz g
irls want to be like their doll mums.

Come on! Be creative together and get inspired by our accessories and DIY`s.
Take a look at your little ones' wardrobe and choose your favourite pieces - you may find similar trendy clothing and accessories at Gotz which fit the doll!

Common discovery and activity is quality time!
What a great fun!

Ready for the mini me look with Hannah

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Stehpuppe Hannah  und Kind mit Hasenohren und Sonnenbrille im Partnerlook
Instagram Hashtag #goetz4you

Mini me accessories for child and doll 

Photos by Deniz Ergöz