Free shipping from 25€ within Germany

Free shipping from 25€ within Germany

Götz Doll hospital

Your beloved doll isn't doing so well? At the Götz DollClinic we do everything to take care of your doll, no matter what ache  your doll might have.

Information to ensure that we can assist your Götz doll to the best of our ability:

1. Type of Service: We exclusively offer repairs for Götz dolls.

2. Limitations: Please understand that we may not be able to repair every Götz doll. We are unable to repair dolls manufactured before the year 2000.

3. International Repairs: If you wish to send a repair from abroad, please contact us in advance via email at [email protected]. We will be happy to assist you and provide all necessary information for shipping and processing.

Fill out the form with your parents and send us your doll, we will contact you immediately to inform you about the remedies for your  Götz doll.

Important: An estimate of the costs (guarantee or chargeable) is only possible after your doll has arrived at our clinic and we have been able to check it through.

Here is what to do
  1. Download the hospital admission for your doll  here and fill it our with your parents.
  2. Pack your doll well in a cardboard box and paper ( be careful, newspaper may stain, use tissue paper or wrapping paper)     and send it to the adress on the registration form.
  3. By providing a mobile phone number or email address, we will contact you when your doll has arrived at the doll hospital and sister Ella will let you know that your doll has arrived safely.
  4. After a check be our doll doctors, sister Ella will send you an email, how  we can cure your beloved doll and whether there are fees occuring or the treatment is free of cost. Via answerlink you can than specify whether we can go ahead or which treatment you like us to carry out.
  5. Pack your doll well in a cardboard box and paper(be careful, newsprint may stain, use tissue paperor wrappingpaper) and send it to the address onthe registration form.
  6. Has your doll recovered, sister Ella will send it back to your adress sound and safe!


Götz dolls can easily be repaired

Dolls are playmates throughout a whole childhood and can still be passed on to grandchildren and granddaughters. We want children to play with our dolls! To make this possible, Götz offers a doll clinic with Nurse Ella. Here, Götz dolls of the highest quality can be sent in and repaired. This service makes dolls playable over generations for every child and they can be a part of every child's room. As a family, the quality and longevity of the dolls is close to our hearts.