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Free shipping from 25€ within Germany

Travel in time

Dolls made by Götz Puppenmanufaktur 

Götz dolls have been fascinating children since 1950, the founding year of Götz Puppenfabrik. The history of the doll as one of the oldest toys existing goes back even further. Children already played with dolls made from porcelain or alabaster in the Roman Empire. 
And even though the world we live in has changed fundamentally since then, creative play with dolls didn't lose any of its attraction.

Since the 15th century dolls as we know them have been accompanying children when growing up. Our own history dates back to the year 1950 when Marianne and Franz Götz founded the Götz Puppenfabrik in Rödental. Since 1999 Götz Puppenmanufaktur has been managed by Anke Götz-Beyer and Uwe Beyer in second generation.


Marianne and Franz Götz found the Götz Puppenfabrik in Mönchröden (later part of the town Rödental). The first dolls were made of papermache. The papermachee part were bought and lovingly built to a doll . All femily members helped to make the story a sucess. Franz Götz sold and delivered the first years the dolls himself.


The first rotation molding machine was used to enable the production oft he parts in house. Still today this is how doll parts are manufactured.


The 1st reproductions of original artist dolls of Sasha Morgenthaler, the daughter of the Bauhaus artist Morgenthaler and friend of Paul Klee, were manufactured. Götz ist he founder of the artistdoll reproduction.


Our employees increase to 150, later to 300.


We founded our american subsidiary in Baldwinsville , NY USA.


We reproduced artist dolls of Carin Lossnitzer and Sylvia Natterer. Our artist reproductions achieved worldwide recognition since than.


Subsidiary and productionplant in Budapest/Hungary.


Our play dolls were honored with the „Spiel Gut“ award the 1st time with many more to come


The licence for Sasha Morgenthaler dolls was renewed. Our own franchise retail chain was founded in Hungary.


Our artist doll Jerthe was honored with the „gläsernen Feenstab“ and „ Maria“ was honored with the design price „Form“.


We started a cooperation with a childrensfashin design company, Pampolina and some of our dolls became little twins wearing the same clothes as the chilrden. „Pampolina by Götz collection“. „Janina 12 Jahre „ is honored with the „ doll award of excellence“


The corporate management was assigned to the 2nd generation of the Götz Family Anke Götz-Beyer and Uwe Beyer.


We received the licence "unser Sandmännchen".


We received the Europe-wide licence for Harry Potter as a handcrafted doll.


Hannah`s world of play was born- the handcrafted doll enables creative play and supports individual development of cognitive abilities.


The production of the exclusive Steiff handcrafted dolls started. A cooperation with the Margarethe Steiff GmbH.

we received the licence "Hase Felix" and introduced the doll accompanying the film " Felix - Ein Hase auf Weltreise".


We introduced our successful doll concept "just like me".


We received the licence of the little mouse "lillebi" and produced a collection of dolls and accessories.


Honouring the 50st birthday of "Unser Sandmännchen", we introduced to the market a limited edition "Sandmann in Lappland".


Is the anniversary year. The Götz Puppenmanufaktur looks back to 60 years doll passion and is thus one of the most traditional family owned doll companies


We present Haarwerk. A collection of premium make up and hairstyling heads


Our unique doll configurator "style me" for the Just Like Me collection 27cm Götz girl goes online.


The multi joints standing doll for playing & styling is presented.


Götz Puppenmanufaktur cheers about 65 years of family-owned company.


Finally Götz girls and Götz babies may have a safe ride on the sledge - with our new sledge seat.


Eventually a Götz doll to cuddle for the youngest. Baby Pure is organically produced from non-hazardous substances.


Götz goes green! We dare to use a very natural, vegan and renewable material - Baby Pure Lina made from caoutchouc enriches the Götz world of dolls.


We proudly celebrate 70 years of Götz doll history. 
A new doll size - Little Kidz with 9 joints. 


We take care of quality time!
Lotta does yoga - for shared time mum, doll mum and Lotta practice yoga together with the yoga ABCs and the yoga dice.


Götz doll clothing made from kbA fabrics enriches our boutique.


Baby Pure Lina gets friends - Cosy Lina goes to the start
cuddly sustainability.



1. Lina gets a sister - Cosy Lina is cuddly soft, completely organic, made of caoutchouc and dressed in organic fabrics.

2. Baby Pure as a sleep aid with night light, pink heartbeat sound and pink womb sound.
Combined with a sleeping bag for the baby made of organic fabrics & a 
caoutchouc teether, it also makes the perfect birthday present.

3. Aquini with beachset for children or Little Kidz with look a like slippers are the new gift sets in a gift box.