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Doll accessories - everything a doll mom and dad's heart desires

All dolls look forward to a loving home where they can be pampered, dressed and styled. Thanks to the appropriate doll accessories, children can experience many adventures with their dolls, and there are no limits to their creativity. At Götz Puppenmanufaktur, we offer a wide range of accessories for dolls. With accessories that are as useful as they are fashionable, children can let off steam with their standing and baby dolls. From stylish sunglasses, trendy furniture and jewellery to high-quality doll prams - Götz accessories for dolls leave nothing to be desired. The motto is "Styling without limits" - the imagination can let off steam, and creative play is encouraged here.

Welcome to the world of dolls: Accessories at home & on the go 

Doll accessories offer many ways to incorporate dolls into your kids everyday life. Our doll accessories offer a comprehensive selection of accessories and furniture that stimulate children's creativity and imagination. From practical belly carriers, hair accessories and doll nappies to doll prams and lovingly designed doll furniture - the world of play with Götz doll accessories is diverse and exciting.

Always properly equipped: Accessories for active doll parents

Children love to take their dolls on adventures. With our lovingly designed accessories for travelling, dolls' mums and dads are perfectly equipped, no matter where the journey takes them. From practical carrier bags to bicycle seats, helmets, dolls' prams, and more, children can take their beloved dolls with them wherever they go and are always perfectly equipped for creative play on the go!

Furnish the doll's home beautifully - a world of playing!

Doll furniture completes children's play world and supports creative play. At Götz, you will find everything you need to furnish the doll's home in a cosy and inviting way. Götz doll furniture, such as the changing table, Fred the loft bed, and Karl the wardrobe trunk, is functional and sets accents in quality and design that enrich the play experience and inspire the imagination.

Accessoires for little dolls

The accessories for the Götz Babies are designed to make doll play as realistic as possible and to put you in the shoes of little doll parents. 
Doll accessories such as nappies, bottles, dummies, potties, etc., can be used to recreate situations and experiences.

Styling dolls with the right accessories

With the right accessories from Götz, styling dolls becomes a creative experience. The lovingly designed hair accessories such as hair bands, clips, and brushes stimulate the imagination, invite children to create unique styles, and give their dolls an individual charm. 

Well-equipped for any weather

Our selection of accessories for weather conditions allows little doll parents to dress their darlings accordingly. From stylish hats and sunglasses for sunny days to cosy hats and earmuffs for cold winter hours - our products ensure that dolls are always dressed appropriately.

What to look out for when buying doll accessories

1. Age recommendation:
Doll accessories should always be suitable for the child's age group. Some products may be unsuitable for younger children due to small parts that can be swallowed. 

As the safety of the little ones is our top priority, most of our accessories are suitable for children aged three and over. Our items are labelled accordingly.

2. Quality & safety at Götz
The quality and safety of children's toys are essential. Accordingly, parents should pay particular attention to high-quality materials when buying doll accessories. 
Of course, you can also rely on the brand quality of the Götz doll manufacturer, which has been tried and tested for decades in accessories. From dummies to changing tables, our doll accessories meet the European Toy Standard, are free from AZO dyes and contain no toxic plasticisers. We stand for safe, age-appropriate and particularly robust processing of all our products.


3. Suitable size:
Another critical point is to select the accessories to match the size of the doll. Different sizes depend on whether the accessories are for baby dolls or standing dolls. When choosing, look for the corresponding symbols that clearly label the accessories.

Götz tip: Many of our accessories are labelled "One size fits all". 
This means that the accessories are a standard size and are, therefore, suitable for all baby dolls and standing dolls. 

4. themed additions:
When buying doll accessories, it is crucial to consider the child's preferences. Our Götz doll world is designed so that versatile play worlds can be built around the doll and children's abilities. Götz doll accessories allow children to experience stories and new worlds through active role play. 


Tips for cleaning & caring for doll accessories

To make doll accessories as long-lasting as possible, it is advisable to clean them regularly. Fabric accessories can be washed gently by hand with mild, soapy water or in the washing machine at 30°C, while plastic accessories can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. After cleaning, the accessories should dry fully before they are used again. Regular care keeps doll accessories in optimum condition for long-lasting playtime fun.

Our doll accessories are lovingly designed and reflect the real lives of babies and toddlers. From cute bibs to bottles and nappies, we offer everything that little doll parents need. Götz doll accessories allow children to play out their everyday lives realistically and let their imaginations run wild.
Discover the variety of miniature versions of everyday objects specially developed for Götz dolls.
Our range includes various accessories, from nappies, dummies, and milk bottles to carrycots, car seats, dolls' prams, and dolls' furniture.

The indispensable parts of our accessories include 
- Accessories such as Umbrellas, sunglasses & styling accessories 
- Baby basics such as Nappies, potties, dummies, bottles & etc. 
- Helmets & seats such as Baby carriers, carry cots, belly carriers, table seats, car seats, bike/scooter seats and sledge seats
- Doll's prams and doll's buggies 
- Doll furniture such as a loft bed, changing table, high chair and wardrobe trunk

Doll accessories open up a fantasy world in which children can play different roles. This enables them to take on responsibility and build emotional bonds playfully. For example, when playing with dolls, children slip into the role of parents, caring for and looking after their doll children. As doll parents, they learn social skills, develop empathy, and improve communication.
In addition, accessories also enable an intensive bond with the beloved doll. With dummies, nappies and bottles, children practise responsibility and emotional expression.
Fine motor skills are encouraged by dressing and undressing the accessories and holding and feeding the dolls. Children also develop their creativity and improve their language skills through play interactions.

When handling doll accessories, it is essential to observe certain safety precautions to ensure the safety and well-being of children.
Our doll accessories and our dolls meet the highest safety standards as they have undergone rigorous testing per the European Toy Standard EN-71 Parts 1-3. This standard ensures that all our products are suitable for children aged 36 months and over and fulfil all safety requirements. In addition, all materials used are AZO-free, meaning they do not contain any harmful AZO colourants. Likewise, all our products are free from phthalates, a group of plasticisers, to ensure the safety and health of little ones. Our rigorous selection of materials gives parents peace of mind that our dolls & doll accessories are safe and secure for children's imaginative play.