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Kinder pusten eine Kerze aus und feiern ihren Kindergeburtstag
Birthday planning

Long live the birthday child!


For children, it is probably the highlight of theyear. A very special day, on which the youngestare allowed totake centre stage.

Children can feel very special on this day. Family, friends and relatives come to eat cakeand drink coffee tocelebrate the birthday kids.

For you as a parent, this may also mean a lot of planning and organizing, especially when a child's birthday is coming up.
We show you with a small Checklist that planning does not have to be a stressful part of it and everyone can enjoy a fun party!


The Götz Party-Checklist for Parents


1. The guest list

So that all guests know in time when the party is due, you and your child should decide who should come to the party.
It can help if you decide in advance how many guests your child is allowed to invite. 


2. Planning the motto

Does your child just have a big love about horses, unicorns or maybe also about princesses or princes?
Then a children's birthday with a motto is just the right thing. So games, decoration and birthday cake can be designed according to this motto.

3. Games Indoors and Outdoors

Whether in summer or winter there are suitable games for every child's birthday, no matter what time of year. It doesn't have to be the big, elaborate scavenger hunt. There are also games that you can design very easily. Whether indoor or outdoor.

Indoor Games

  • Beating pots
  • Balloon dance
  • Chair polonaise
  • Play hide-and-seek
  • Sensory and touch games
  • Fish apples with your teeth
  • Blind cow

Outdoor Games

  • Egg run
  • Water Bomb Race
  • Discard cans
  • Sack-hopping
  • Fire, Water & Sand
  • Three-legged race
  • Building teepees in the forest

4. Crafting a memory

To make the most beautiful day of the year for your child and your little guests unforgettable, a home made memory is the most beautiful thing. Our Götz Friendship Bracelets can beindividually designed for the children's birthday and take with them as a souvenir of this great day.

5. Small pizza makers

What should not be missing after game, action and lots of fun - a delicious birthday menu. Look for a dish that all children like, that is prepared quickly and that the children will be happy to help with cooking.
Tip: a homemade pizza. Each child can roll out their small pizza, fill it and determine the size.
Simple and definitely delicious!

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Goetz rosa Geburtstagstorte mit vier Kerzen

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