Free shipping from 25€ within Germany

Free shipping from 25€ within Germany

Kind füttert einen goetz Babypuppe, einen Goetz Cookie

Learning with joy

"Play is the highest form of research!"

Albert Einstein

Your child's development through play

Creative play is of big importance for children as they can improve their motor skills, creativity and also their self-esteem through it in a playful way.

Our Götz dolls are perfect for this. Through their large variety of use the dolls allow your child enough space for personal initiative, ideas and rules. There is a suitable playmate for every age group.

In their first 6 years of life children play ca. 15.000 hours (7-8 hours per day) in order to develop. 
With this knowledge, we create our world of play for our children! Buttons & buttonholes, shoelaces or ribbons allow practising in a playful way and encourage learning with joy.  

Zwei Kinder spielen mit Puppen

Photos by Almuth Denz, Deniz Ergöz and Kristin Gründler of Shooting-Traum