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Free shipping from 25€ within Germany

Puppenmama und Puppenpapa spielen mit goetz babypuppen
Creative play
A declaration of love to creative play

Creative play encourages & challenges!

At Götz Puppenmanufaktur we already pay attention to support positive development and creative and free play at a maximum when developing our dolls.

Playing with dolls encourages as well as demands active and creative participation of the child. Give your child the possibility to conjure up a very own world in which she/he becomes the inventor of the own play stories.
Kind und Puppe sitzen im Laub

Children have joy dressing and undressing dolls and to learn how easily the pieces may be combined with each other. Creative play endows children with a world they can experience in active role-play only.

Children can assimilate all the impressions they have daily.

The neutral look of the doll allows the child to interpret any emotion like joy, sorrow or affection - they can feel understood.

Due to the human look the doll will be your child's "best friend" very fast.

The loving details such as sleepeyes or drink & wet functions as well as the possibility of bathing with bathing babies make our dolls become real play mates.

All our clothes are perfectly processed which means that buttonholes, pockets and embroideries are put into practice realistically and are not sewn on as applications. Thanks to these details and endless variation creativity and fine motor skills of children are promoted. 

Deliberately abstaining from electronic functions, fantasy can unfold boundlessly. Redundant amenities are reduced, the child can concentrate on play completely.

Kind spielt mit Goetz Babypuppe Muffin im Kinderzimmer

The child can concentrate on play completely and learns to deliberately deal with an idea. Cognitive abilities such as learning, thinking, empathising or memory are stimulated.

Kind hat Kämmpferd im Arm

Creative playfun

Photos by Almuth Denz and Kristin Gründler of Shooting-Traum