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Immerse yourself in the Götz doll worlds

The Götz doll worlds are characterised by their sustainable approach to creative play.
They are designed so that versatile worlds can be built around the doll and children's abilities.
The Götz doll worlds allow children to experience stories and new worlds through active role play. 
Role play is essential so that children can assimilate all the impressions they have daily. 

Götz play dolls: Doll tradition with the highest quality

Our play dolls inspire the child's imagination through the conscious renunciation of additional electronic functions. Anyone who observes children during their concentrated, imaginative role-play with dolls knows why: electronics would interfere with the free development of play and, therefore, are absolutely superfluous. Even without these additional charms, Götz play dolls are anything but boring! Depending on the model, they have different advantages: Baby dolls are our play dolls for toddlers. Outwardly modelled according to the look of real babies, they are characterised by particularly safe and hard-wearing workmanship and the use of high-quality outer materials. Stand-up dolls go with the latest fashion, can be styled, have their hair done and are active in sports. 

Götz baby dolls: Play dolls to love and mother

Even for the youngest, baby dolls are dearly loved playmates. As their first play dolls, they have to meet high standards. They have to be bendable, suitable for children and especially safe. Our baby dolls are also unique in their own way. Play dolls for the very young are called Baby Pure, Mini Muffin, Muffin or Maxy Muffin while the Cookie baby is ideal for slightly older doll mums and dads due to its dimensions and body weight.

With the Götz bathing babies Aquini, Maxy Aquini , Newborn Aquini, Cosy Aquini and Sleepy Aquini even splashing in the water becomes a shared pleasure because they are made of quick-drying soft materials or vinyl and are allowed in the bath!

The few functions encourage free play. There is a doll in the right size for every age, from 0 years, 18 months or 3 years.

Play dolls with character & charm: Götz standing dolls

Kindergarten children are still very attached to their baby dolls, but as they grow older, they explore new horizons of experience. Their circle of friends grows and with it their self-perception changes. This is the age when standing dolls, pretty doll clothes and matching accessories become really interesting. Children increasingly regard their play dolls as real friends who share their preferences and fashion tastes. The first standing doll from Götz are the different versions of Hannah and the Just Like Me collection. Precious Day Girls are stable jointed dolls with a soft body. Our Happy Kidz and Little Kidz play dolls enable many exciting new play scenarios with additional joints.

Götz dolls are easy to care for

All Götz play dolls can be washed off.
Götz dolls with a soft upper body, such as the Götz Muffins, Maxy Muffins or Precious Day Girls are suitable for washing machines and dryers.