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Kind wäscht die Haare einer Puppe - Puppenhaare von Götz können gewaschen werde
Doll care
for long-lasting play fun

Learn how to care and to look after in a playful way

Giving a bath and caring for a doll are not only fun but also teach your child an important message: 
If you take good care, toys don't have to be thrown away and replaced.

Children see more in their dolls than just a toy. They are companion, worry eater and friend at the same time. Through taking care of the doll together you support your child learning solicitude and cleanliness in a playful way.

With correct care the Gotz doll will remain intact for your child and may even be passed on to the next generation in your family accompanying many childhoods.

Kind reinigt Badepuppe Aquini in rosa Wanne

How to care for your Gotz doll

During play it quickly happens  that your little companion gets dirty or the hair gets tangled. Don't worry! 

Your child will enjoy the doll again when you clean her together during a spa day.

You can not only wipe off the doll body with mild detergent on a damp cloth but also wash the hair, comb it and care for it.

Inner care for Aquini dolls

Our Aquinis are baby dolls which can drink and use the potty.

For long lasting play fun, it is important to wash the inside of the doll after feeding (not with anything other than water) or bathing the doll. It is important to wash the inside of the doll as it can become contaminated and may lead to mould formation if not cleaned.

Care tips for Baby Pure Lina & Linus made of natural rubber 

Our sweet Lina is the first baby doll made of 100% natural rubber, vegan and ecological.
Natural materials such as rubber can discolor over time. 
To make Lina and all natural rubber dolls pretty again, they can be bathed, oiled and then massaged.

For further care instructions for our organic-dolls watch the following video. 

Cleaning and care instructions

Outer care:

In case the doll gets dirty, it can be washed with a damp cloth.


Hard bodied dolls:

Hard bodied dolls are fully made of vinyl. This material can be wiped with luke warm water. 

Soft bodied dolls:

Soft bodied dolls have a body made of durable fabric. Head, arms and legs are made of vinyl. These dolls can be washed in the washing machine or by hand cold or with up to 30 C warm water. Put them into a colour-neutral pillow case to avoid any discolouring. Carefully dry off your doll afterwards. To dry they can go into the drier using the same pillow and lowest temperature.

Inner care for Aquini dolls (not necessary when water is used only):

After the baby was fed, it needs to take a bath, to clean the inner doll. Is this neglected, vitation can occur, which could lead to mold. It is highly recommended to refrain from using grocery like milk or porridge for those intend to accelerate mold development. To clean the inner doll, use luke warm water mixed with a drop of washing up liquid in the feeding bottle and feed the doll. Please repeat numerously, until the liquid coming out is free of residues. It is recomended to leave the doll approximately 1 ½ hours sitting upright on the potty to eliminate the residing liquid.


Doll fashion:

Doll fashion can be machine washed, maximum temperate is 30° C. Care for your doll garments and dry in the air. Being dry you can iron them at lowest temperature possible.


The playdolls' hair can be washed with a mild shampoo in luke warm water. It can be combed and even styled with hair curlers. The Gotz hair can be dried in the air or by using a blow drier at the lowest temperature possible, with a minimum distance of 20 cm to the hair. This insures damage free hairstyling.

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