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Doll furniture

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Discover the Enchanting World of Doll Furniture 

Welcome to the enchanted world of doll furniture by Götz Puppenmanufaktur, where dreams come true for little doll enthusiasts. Our meticulously crafted doll furniture sets new standards in the world of dolls, offering endless possibilities for creative play. In our doll furniture category, you'll find everything for a cozy doll home

- Dollhouse or doll castle
- Doll bed for restful sleep
- Doll wardrobe for doll fashion
-Everything for sitting, relaxing, and rocking: doll high chair, doll lounger, and swing
- Changing table for baby dolls 
- Ballet barre for training and dancing 

Doll furniture plays a crucial role in children's play experiences. Not only do they enrich the play world with their variety and functionality, but they also promote important developmental aspects such as creativity, social skills, and an understanding of daily life. We take pride in supporting these valuable experiences with our extensive range of lovingly designed doll furniture offerings. 

Playing with doll furniture – The Benefits for Children 

By incorporating high-quality doll furniture into play, a realistic and detailed environment is created for your child, this stimulates your childs imagination and creativity.
Doll furniture enables children to develop their own scenarios and stories by creating a lifelike environment for their dolls. Whether it's organizing a royal feast in the Little Majesty Castle or enjoying a relaxed afternoon in the Relax Lounger – doll furniture pieces serve as backdrops for endless stories and adventures. Playing with dolls and their corresponding furniture teaches children to understand and mimic social interactions.
They practice role-playing by recreating everyday situations such as meals in the high chair or bedtime in the doll bed. These activities help foster empathy and caregiving skills.
High-quality doll furniture from Götz is not just for the moment – it's meticulously crafted to bring joy for generations to come.
They teach children the value of quality and sustainability and become cherished keepsakes that they may one day pass on to their own children. 

Doll Bed and Dollhouse – A Dream for Every Doll 

Dollhouses and doll beds open up boundless opportunities for creativity in the world of children's play.
They not only serve as toys but also as educational tools that help children recreate everyday situations, thereby promoting their emotional intelligence and empathy.
A carefully selected dollhouse or doll bed can become the central element in a child's play world, providing the backdrop for countless adventures and stories.
At Götz Puppenmanufaktur, we have a special piece in our collection: The Loft Bed Fred is more than just a doll bed - it's essentially a complete dollhouse with furniture for dolls. Equipped with a bed & wardrobe combination, a practical ladder, a comfortable chair, and even a swing, etc., the Loft Bed Fred provides everything a doll needs for its comfortable everyday life. The well-thought-out construction and appealing design make it a must-have in any child's room

Changing Table for Dolls – Loving Care Made Easy 

Doll changing tables prove to be indispensable accessories in the everyday play of young doll mothers and fathers. They not only simulate the real caregiving experience but also promote the development of responsibility and fine motor skills in children. With such a piece of furniture in the children's room, little doll parents can slip into the role of parents and learn what it means to care for someone else while playfully expanding their social and emotional skills. Our doll changing table with padded changing pad and practical hanging pockets, equipped with four insert pockets on each side and removable textile boxes, provides the perfect equipment for doll care. It combines functionality with design and ensures that every doll mom or dad can fulfill their tasks with love and care. 

Doll Castle – A Royal Home 

A castle for dolls is a dream come true for all doll moms and dads. It not only serves as a magnificent royal home but can also be used as a classic dollhouse. Additionally, it not only offers royal comfort but also stimulates imagination and promotes creative play to create royal scenarios. Our Doll Castle Little Majesty is made of EPS panels and includes a bed, a wardrobe, a chair, a table, and a chest of drawers

Ballet Barre for Little Doll Dancers 

Ballet barres for dolls inspire stories about dance & movement. They allow children to share their love of dance with their dolls. It not only fosters imagination but also the joy of movement for both child and doll. Whether a ballet beginner or a little prima ballerina – The Ballet Barre Lilian is the ideal piece of furniture for any child who loves dance and movement. It fits wonderfully into any child's room, thus complementing the play world. With its sturdy construction and lovely design, it's not just a piece of furniture but a faithful companion through many fun dance adventures

Doll Swing – Swing Fun Every Day 

Swinging is a popular activity for children and promotes their development in many ways, from improving body coordination to calming and relaxation.
A doll swing offers similar benefits within the framework of role-playing.
In addition to the fun factor, the doll swing supports children's emotional development by strengthening their sense of caring. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, making it a versatile toy.
Our Doll Swing Little Angel stands out for its high quality, whether it's used in the room, in the garden, or on the balcony. Perfect for dreaming and relaxing. The sturdy wooden frame and easy-to-clean seat surface also make the swing easy to care for

High Chair for Dolls – Meals in a Cozy Circle 

Doll high chairs are much more than just seating. They give children the opportunity to involve their dolls in everyday routines, such as meals, making role-playing more realistic.
Our High Chair Jasper is the ideal solution for shared meals. With its washable seat pad and practical folding function, it combines comfort and design. And if something spills – no problem! The seat pads are removable and can be washed at 30°C

Wardrobe for Dolls – Stylishly Creating Order 

A tidy children's room promotes concentration and creativity. A doll wardrobe can help maintain order in a playful way.
Our Wardrobe Suitcase Karl is elegant, functional, and extremely chic, enriching every doll's room!
Equipped with five drawers, two clothes hangers, and made of MDF, it offers plenty of storage space for the entire doll wardrobe. This not only ensures order in the children's room but also turns tidying up into a pleasure! 

Lounger for Dolls – Pure Relaxation 

Relaxation and resting periods are important for children's development. Through play, children can learn how important it is to take a break.
Our Doll Lounger Relax invites you to a relaxed day in the garden or at the beach. Its simple yet elegant design makes it a popular accessory in any doll household.

Maintaining our doll furniture is child's play. We recommend wiping it with a damp cloth and keeping it away from direct sunlight. The use of a mild detergent is essential to preserve the colors and materials.
After cleaning, the doll furniture should thoroughly dry before being used again.
Regular and proper care will ensure many years of enjoyment

Our doll furniture is safe for children aged 3 and above.
The safety and well-being of children are our top priorities at Götz.
When it comes to handling dolls and doll accessories, including our diverse range of doll furniture, we place great emphasis on adhering to strict safety precautions. All materials used are tested according to the European toy safety standard.

Doll furniture from Götz is made of MDF (medium density fiberboard) and convinces by its easy-care, child-friendly and aesthetic design. The smooth surface of MDF allows precise processing and fine detailing in the manufacture of the doll furniture, which makes the playing experience even more authentic.