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Gift Sets

Giving joy made easy: The Götz gift boxes curated by us contain lovingly selected dolls and accessories. Perfect for any occasion and put together with great love!

Gift Box - Sleepy Aquini Beach Girl
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Create your own gift set.

We put a lot of love into selecting and creating our gift sets. You can personalise your gift set and remove products in 3 simple steps. Give it a try and discover and make your personalised gift with Götz!

Last-minute gift for shining children's eyes

Goetz rosa Geburtstagstorte mit vier Kerzen

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Goetz rosa Geburtstagstorte mit vier Kerzen

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Design customised gift sets:

Giving creative doll worlds for all ages

Are you looking for a unique gift idea that inspires and can be customised to the preferences and needs of the child receiving the gift? Our gift boxes offer the perfect solution! We have put together ready-made selections that make it possible to create a customised doll world that children of all ages will love.
The main attraction of our gift boxes is the beautiful dolls we offer. These dolls are carefully selected and of the highest quality. There is a wide range of baby and standing dolls, including wax dolls, hard-body dolls, dolls with and without hair, and dolls for bathing.
But our gift boxes offer so much more! Each box has matching accessories to inspire creativity and allow for exciting play. The possibilities are endless, from tiny dresses and shoes to bike seats and doll carriers. Children can use their imaginations to create adventures and stories for their dolls, guaranteeing hours of fun.
And the best thing is that you can personalise the gift boxes. Choose the box you want according to age and remove the accessories you don't like. We'll then wrap your gift set beautifully.
Create unforgettable moments and make the hearts of your children, nephews, and godchildren beat faster by choosing a gift box from us. Order today and give someone a special gift for a birth, christening, children's birthday, Christmas or Easter.

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