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Kind das otsereier bemalt und Puppen für Kinder zu Ostern

Colourful Easter

The festival of colours 

Easter with Götz & your family

Why do we actually celebrate Easter?

You're probably looking forward to painting Easter eggs and receiving colorful gifts. But have you ever wondered why we celebrate Easter? Easter is the oldest Christian festival and commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Therefore, at Easter, we celebrate the renewal of life.

And why are the eggs colourful at Easter?

Christians were not allowed to eat eggs during Holy Week. However, the diligent hens continued to lay their eggs. To prevent the many eggs from spoiling, they were boiled and painted in bright colours to distinguish them from the raw eggs.

Did you know?

The role of the sole "egg-bringer" has not been assigned to the Easter Bunny for so long. In Westphalia, the fox used to bring the eggs, in Thuringia, the stork, in Switzerland, the cuckoo, in Schleswig-Holstein, Upper Bavaria, and Austria, the rooster.

Dyeing Easter Eggs for the Easter Basket!

Dyeing Easter eggs is not only a traditional Easter activity but also a wonderful opportunity to involve children in the holiday magic. With some simple natural ingredients and entertaining techniques, Easter eggs can be dyed.

Spinach dyes green

Turmeric dyes golden yellow

Beetroot dyes red


300 gr. Spinach (also frozen)

10 gr.  Turmeric 

300 ml Beetroot juice

Boil for 10 minutes in 0.5 litres of water.

Now you can cook and dye the eggs in it.

The perfect little things for the basket alongside Easter eggs

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 Experience Easter traditions in a new way: games and activities for young and old

Easter is just around the corner, and it's time for fun and games for the whole family! From traditional egg games to creative activities, here are 10 entertaining games that will spice up your Easter celebration:

  1. Egg and Spoon Race: Classic and still a hit! Balance an egg on a spoon and try to walk a distance without dropping the egg.
  2. Easter Egg Hunt: Hide colorful Easter eggs around the house or garden and let the kids search for them. Don't forget to hide small prizes or candies as rewards!
  3. Egg Rolling: A traditional Easter game where participants try to roll their eggs a certain distance without breaking them.
  4. Easter Bingo: Create bingo cards with Easter-themed images such as bunnies, Easter eggs, flowers, etc., and play a round of Bingo with the family.
  5. Egg Decorating: Sit together and decorate Easter eggs with colors, glitter, stickers, and other craft materials. The best decorated egg wins a prize!
  6. Easter Egg Relay: Divide the family into teams and host a relay race where participants have to balance an egg on a spoon.
  7. Easter Quiz: Test your knowledge of Easter with a fun quiz. Ask questions about Easter traditions, customs, and history.
  8. Easter Nest Crafting Competition: Each family member creates their own Easter nest using materials like grass, twigs, flowers, and other decorations. The most beautiful nest wins!
  9. Egg Toss: Form pairs and try to gently toss eggs to each other without dropping them. The partner who can hold their egg the longest wins.
  10. Easter Puzzle: Print a large picture with an Easter motif and cut it into several pieces. Let the family work together to assemble the puzzle.

With these fun Easter games, your family celebration is sure to be a success! Let's celebrate this special time of year together and create unforgettable memories.

Happy Easter and have fun playing!

The perfect way to get in the mood for Easter 


Design your own Easter nest with Götz!

Dear parents and children,

Easter is just around the corner, and at Götz, we want to make this special holiday even more beautiful by inviting you to create your own Easter nest together! Immerse yourselves in the creative world of Easter preparations and craft a unique nest for the Easter bunny with your own hands.

Step 1: Gathering Materials Before starting the crafting, gather together everything you need for your Easter nest. Get a bowl or basket as a base, as well as moss, colorful ribbons, feathers, and other decorations that you like. Don't forget to include a few of our beautiful Götz dolls to make your nest extra cosy!

Step 2: Let Your Creativity Flow Start together and unleash your creativity! Place the moss as a soft base in your Easter nest and then adorn it with colourful ribbons and other decorations. Tie small bows, add glittering accents, and place the feathers to make your nest particularly festive. Remember to leave space for our Götz dolls – they will feel especially comfortable in your homemade Easter nest!

Step 3: Invite the Götz Dolls Once your Easter nest is ready, invite our Götz dolls to take a seat in it. Place them gently in your nest and make yourselves comfortable together. Perhaps you can even tell a little Easter story or perform a puppet show to increase the anticipation of Easter!

Step 4: Await the Easter Bunny Now, all that's left to do is be patient and await the Easter bunny! Once the Easter nest is ready and the Götz dolls have made themselves at home, the Easter bunny will surely come by and fill it with delicious surprises. Who knows, maybe you'll also find a few small gifts from Götz in your nest on Easter Sunday!

We wish you lots of fun crafting and decorating your own Easter nest with Götz dolls. May your Easter be as colorful, cheerful, and full of love as your homemade nest!

Happy Easter from the Götz Team!

To dress dolls perfect for the easter nest 

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Easter accessories for the Easter basket!

Easter outfits for dolls

Picture from Kelly Sikkema at Unsplash