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Easter treats for kids

Little treats for the Easter basket


Easter time is just around the corner and what could be lovelier than celebrating this special time of year with family and unique, thoughtful gifts? Discover wonderful little treats for the Easter basket and Easter gifts for children from Götz!

To coincide with the Easter festival, we have fantastic spring and Easter items in stock that are perfect for filling the Easter basket!

Bath towel Lampi
Currently not available

€15.99 *

Baby dolls & matching accessories in size S (30-33 cm)

Sleepy Aquini Girl
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€39.99 *
Suit Stripy Balloon, green size S
Currently not available

€10.99 *

Standing dolls & matching accessories in size XM (36 cm). 

The perfect doll to take along and play with wherever you go! Whether it's outside in nice weather or in the children's room, the Little Kids are the perfect companions for creative and imaginative play.

Ella Rabbit

€79.99 *
Lotta sunshine

€89.95 *

Standing dolls & matching accessories in size XL (45-50 cm)

Easter time is outdoor time

Whether it's carrying dolls or taking a stroll in the doll's pram - for Easter, gifts for outdoor activities and for the upcoming springtime are the perfect present. Especially for children aged between 2 and 6 years old, they are the ideal toys.

Enchanting Easter with Götz 

Looking for the perfect Easter gift for the little ones? How about a beautiful baby doll or an enchanting standing doll? These dolls are the ideal gift for children aged 18 months plus and 3 years plus and are perfect surprises in the Easter basket.
Our doll accessories are also available and can serve as great gifts for the doll. The Easter basket can be filled with small accessories like clothes, shoes, bags, and much more. The doll will be ready for a lot of play fun with perfect spring accessories.
Our high-quality dolls and extensive accessories are not only lovely to look at but also safe and durable.
We place great importance on quality and ensure that all products meet the highest standards. Children will have a lot of fun with the new doll and accompanying accessories.
Order today and make Easter a magical time full of play and joy for children.

Explore all about easter with your family at Götz!

 The Perfect Easter Basket 

When putting together an Easter basket for children, it's important to make the right selection of gifts that bring joy and fun. As sellers of dolls and doll accessories, we have some valuable tips on how to create the perfect Easter basket:

1.    Choose a doll that matches the child's age. You can find a wide selection of baby dolls and standing dolls with us that are suitable for children aged 18 months and 3 years.

2.    Supplement the doll with matching accessories. We offer an extensive range of doll accessories such as clothing, shoes, bags, and much more. This way, dolls can be given an individual and unique personality.

3.    If there is already a doll at home, small items like matching accessories or summer clothes can be a great option.

4.    Easter is also a time to go outside and enjoy spring. Our range also includes accessories such as sunglasses, swimwear, and beach toys for the doll.

5.    Make sure the selected doll accessories are safe and durable. Quality is our top priority, and we ensure that all products meet the highest standards.

6.    Don't forget to fill the Easter basket with some sweet treats. Chocolate eggs or small candies are always a good addition. Visit our website and discover the diverse selection of dolls and doll accessories.

Our products will bring the children great joy and make the Easter basket something special. The Ultimate Guide to an Enriching Easter Celebration with Children Easter is a beautiful time to come together with family, share joy, and give children valuable moments. But how do you best prepare for Easter with children? And what gifts not only bring fun but also promote development? This guide will give you creative ideas and helpful tips to make Easter time special for the family.

Craft and Baking Ideas for Easter Time 

The weeks before Easter offer the perfect opportunity to get creative and craft or bake together with children. For example, make Easter cards, paint Easter eggs, or create Easter decorations for a home together. These activities promote fine motor skills and creativity in your children and strengthen family bonds. Check out our Creative Corner for more great crafting ideas for children.

Traditions Around Easter

Easter is a time full of fascinating traditions worldwide. Here are some interesting traditions that children can discover:

Easter Bunny:
The legend of the Easter Bunny hiding eggs is popular with children worldwide. Did you know? The rabbit doesn't bring eggs everywhere. In Tyrol, it's the Easter hen; in Sweden, the Easter chicks are busy, and in Barbados, the eggs come from the Easter fish.

Easter Fires:
In some countries, large fires are lit at Easter to welcome spring and symbolically celebrate the light of resurrection. Children can learn how different cultures celebrate Easter and what customs are associated with it.

Decorating Easter Eggs:
Decorating Easter eggs is a widespread tradition practised in many countries. Children can learn to use different techniques and patterns to create unique Easter eggs. Did you know? Nature can dye eggs! In our Easter post, you'll find a great guide for colourful Easter fun.

Organizing Easter Egg Hunts

The Easter egg hunt is one of the highlights for children during Easter celebrations. It's best to start by defining the search area, whether it's in the garden, park, or house.
The Easter nest can be hidden in various places, but beware: the difficulty of the hiding spot should be adjusted to the child's age. 

Easter Time is Outdoor Time

As the days get longer and the temperatures milder, Easter time entices families outdoors to enjoy the awakening nature. It's a perfect opportunity to spend active and creative hours outdoors with children. We offer a variety of outdoor products that make outdoor play an unforgettable experience. From doll prams,  inline skates for dolls, bikes and scooter seats to doll furniture – Götz has everything a child's heart desires.

Doll Prams for Little Walkers:
A walk in the park or through the woods becomes a real adventure with a doll pram from Götz. The sturdy and stylish prams are perfect for safely and comfortably transporting your favourite doll or teddy bear.

Inline Skates and Helmets for Dolls:
Götz ensures that dolls are safe on the go, too. Children can equip their dolls for an exciting roller tour with detailed inline skates and matching helmets. This way, they learn about road safety while playing.

Bike and Scooter Seats:
With Götz's bike and scooter seats, the beloved doll can join any bike ride. The seats can be easily attached to bikes or scooters, providing double the fun.

Doll Swing for the Garden:
Götz's doll swing transforms any garden into a playground where dolls can gently sway back and forth. An ideal outdoor toy to stimulate imagination and provide relaxation at the same time.

With these outdoor products from Götz, Easter time becomes an unforgettable outdoor experience for children. The high-quality and imaginatively designed toys promote physical activity, creativity, and outdoor role-playing. Our products are not just toys but faithful companions through childhood, creating valuable memories. Use Easter time as an opportunity to discover and promote the joy of outdoor play. With Götz by your side, every outdoor activity becomes a special adventure.

Easter Gifts for Creative Children

Easter time is not only an opportunity for traditional celebrations and hiding Easter eggs but also the perfect moment to foster your children's creative skills.
Creative children have an insatiable curiosity and joy in creating and designing. Götz offers the ideal Easter gift for creative children: styling heads that provide fun and promote creativity and fine motor skills.
Braiding, for example, is fun and ideal for training ambidexterity and supporting the exchange between the two brain hemispheres. Thus, children are playfully encouraged without a raised index finger.
By giving a Götz styling head as an Easter gift for creative children, you're not only investing in fun and entertainment but also in your child's creative and personal development. Discover the world of styling heads and give your child a gift this Easter that brings inspiration and joy.

Gift Bags

The exclusive Götz linen and cotton gift bag is a stylish and environmentally conscious choice for packaging Easter gifts. They not only serve as elegant packaging for gifts but can also be reused in everyday life, for example, as storage for toys or clothes. The gift bag can be purchased in our online shop and personalized if desired.

Götz Voucher – Guaranteed Bright Eyes!

Easter time is a special opportunity to make our loved ones happy. If you're looking for a flexible yet heartfelt gift, a Götz voucher for Easter is the ideal solution. With a voucher from us, you're not only giving a product but also an unforgettable experience and freedom of choice – a gift guaranteed to bring bright eyes!
Simple and quick: Our voucher is the perfect last-minute gift idea! Simply select the amount, add a nice message, and provide the email address for online delivery – and the gift is ready!

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