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Christmas with children

Unforgettable Christmas moments with Götz

Christmas with children is a magical time full of opportunities to give joy and create shared moments. When it comes to thoughtful gift-giving, Goetz is committed to the concept of meaningful giving. Our focus is on choosing gifts that are not only fun but also encourage children's development and creativity. Because for us, it's not just about toys but about creating a whole world of play.

In addition to the classic dolls, we also offer a wide range of accessories that make the play world even more lively. 
From clothes to furniture and accessories - at Götz you will find everything you need to create a personalised and lovingly designed play world.

Discover the Götz Christmas market

Give a meaningful gift 

Goetz gift voucher 
For those longing for the perfect gift at the last minute, the Götz gift voucher is a saviour. Choose the amount, add apleasante greeting and enter the e-mail address for online dispatch - and that's it. Please print it out, add a bo,w and the gift is ready!

A gift for every budget 
Götz has something for every budget. We offer various options to suit every budget without compromising on quality and value. Discover the Götz gift worl.d

Sustainable gift giving 
When it comes to giving ecologically and sustainably, you can't go past Lina & Linus. The two are made of 100% natural rubber, are light and cuddly, and their clothing is from controlled organic cultivation, making them an well-thought-out gift set.

Give age-appropriate gifts 
When giving age-appropriate gifts, dolls are always the right choice. 
The Götz doll finder helps you to find the perfect doll for every stage of your little one's development.

Personalised embroidery 
At Götz, we offer a unique way to make gifts even more personal: personalised embroidery. With this service, selectedclothing itemsg can be personalised with the name of the child or doll. This personalised touch gives the gift a personal meaning.


Festive inspiration for an unforgettable pre-Christmas season


1. crafting together

Spend creative hours and do handicrafts together. Crafting together boosts creativity and creates precious memories. There are great crafting instructions for kids in our creative corner

2. atmospheric Christmas music

Our Götz Christmas playlist contains the most beautiful Christmas songs to create a festive atmosphere at home. Music connects and creates a warm atmosphere for shared activities such as decorating or baking.

3. create a wish list

With our wish list function, you can easily create a wish list for Christmas! 
This makes gift shopping child's play. Götz tip: Request our Götz magazine with the "this is what I want" sticker - so the little ones can put together their own wish list.

4. baking fun for young and old

The smell of biscuits is in the air! 
Christmas time and baking biscuits - they simply belong together. Baking together is fun and shortens the wait until Christmas. Discover our delicious recipe ideas!


5. cultivating shared traditions

Cultivating traditions consciously creates time for each other. It's often the little rituals that make this time unforgettable. Whether reading Christmas stories together or decorating the tree, the shared experiences make this time unique.

6. early Christmas planning

Planning early and making conscious decisions can create a reflective and relaxed atmosphere for the family. Pass on gift wishes to gift-givers such as aunts, uncles, and godparents &, or split them up & create a great play world under the Christmas tree without straining the purse strings.

Christmas Eve with the family 

Christmas Eve with the family is a special moment of togetherness. Decorating the tree together and sharing stories and laughter over dinner creates an unrivalled atmosphere and memories for the whole family. This festive evening is characterised by love and warmth as we celebrate meaningful moments of togetherness.

Festive dinner
Christmas Eve should be stress-free. Lovingly prepared, uncomplicated dishes are the perfect choice, for example, fresh salads or delicious casseroles. Many dishes can also be prepared the day before so that you have more time for the magical moments.

Festive clothing
Even the little ones can shine in their outfits on special days like Christmas Eve! A chic dress code gives the family photos a magical touch and emphasises the festive atmosphere of this special day. The doll can also be dressed to match, and the whole thing can be playfully organised. Take a look at our shop the look for dolls. 

Giving presents 
Giving presents on Christmas Eve is the highlight for the little ones! 
Eating together first and then opening the presents in peace makes sense. For example, the presents can be opened according to age so that everyone can enjoy each other's presents. For those who would like to attend church on Christmas Eve, choosing a nativity play with the children is a good idea.

Götz Advent calendar - shining children's eyes guaranteed!

Photos by Almuth Denz