Organic dolls and sustainable toys

Organic toys in high quality

We care about the health of your children. Götz cares about the health of your children. It is our concern to bring high quality and natural materials into the children's rooms of this world. For these reasons, we are constantly working to expand our range of organic toys. For us, organic dolls and organic accessories are primarily characterised by the material. For example, all our Natural Choice doll accessories are made of organic cotton and excellent organic quality. Our organic dolls are made from 100% natural rubber, a sustainable organic raw material. Natural rubber is extracted from the Hevea tree, which grows mainly in Southeast Asia and lives for 25-30 years. It is then processed further, e.g. into furniture wood.


Sustainable toys - Goetz Goes Green

Sustainability is another important topic for Götz. Our dolls are robust and durable due to their high-quality workmanship, which also contributes to the issue of sustainability. This way, Götz Natural Choice items become Speil companions for many years and bring joy not only to your children, but perhaps even to your grandchildren!