Organic dolls and sustainable toys

Organic toys in high-quality

We care about the health of your children. Götz cares about the health of your children. We are concerned about bringing high-quality and natural materials into the children's rooms of this world. For these reasons, we are constantly working to expand our range of organic toys. The material primarily characterises organic dolls and organic accessories. For example, all our Natural Choice doll accessories are made of organic cotton and excellent organic quality. Our organic dolls are made from 100% natural rubber, a sustainable organic raw material. Natural rubber is extracted from the Hevea tree, which grows mainly in Southeast Asia and lasts 25-30 years. It is then processed further, e.g. into furniture wood.


Sustainable toys - Goetz Goes Green

Sustainability is another important topic for Götz. Our dolls are robust and durable due to their high-quality artistry, which also contributes to the issue of sustainability. This way, Götz Natural Choice items become Speil companions for many years and bring joy to your children and perhaps even your grandchildren!

Lina & Linus as Sets

Our natural rubber doll comes with a set of GOTS organic cotton clothing and a hat.


Baby Pure Lina

Our sweet Lina is the very first baby doll made from 100 % natural caoutchouc. She is also... More product details

Baby Pure Linus

Our sweet Linus is the very first baby doll made from 100 % natural caoutchouc. He is also... More product details

Doll accessories in GOTS-certified organic quality

Sustainable elegance for dolls: Environmentally friendly accessories in controlled organic cultivation quality (GOTS).

100% Sustainable Dolls at Götz

Why We Make Natural Rubber Dolls:

At Götz, our primary goal is to create high-quality toys that not only stimulate children's imagination and creativity but also ensure their safety and health. That's why we've developed our new dolls from natural rubber.

Natural Safety and Health:

Natural rubber is a biodegradable material extracted from the sap of the rubber tree. Unlike conventional plastics, natural rubber contains no chemicals or additives. Our dolls from the Lina & Linus series are PVC-free, BPA-free, so parents can rest assured that their children are playing safely with organic toys.

Environmental Friendliness and Sustainability:

Choosing natural rubber as the material for these dolls goes hand in hand with our commitment to the environment. Rubber trees are a renewable resource harvested by tapping the tree sap regularly without harming the tree. This minimizes environmental impact and preserves biodiversity in the natural habitats of rubber trees.

Furthermore, natural rubber is biodegradable, meaning our dolls leave no waste at the end of their life cycle. Instead, they can be composted or recycled, contributing to a closed-loop system and preserving our environment.

How to Clean My Rubber Doll

Welcome to our short video on caring for natural rubber dolls. Natural materials like natural rubber require special care to maintain their quality and durability. In this video, we'll show you how to care for your natural rubber dolls using cooking oil to keep them in optimal condition.