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Sleep aid
& Tips

How you ease your child´s way to dreamland:  sleep tips for parents 

Sleep plays a decisive role in child development.
During sleep, the brain processes informationand impressions, consolidates newly learned and movements and strengthens motor skills. Sleep also supports the immune system of babies and promotes the release of important growth hormones.

With a few small changes in the evening you can make bedtime a bit more relaxed and thus help babies and children find their way to the land of dreams faster and quieter

Muffin Set Nighty Night
with dream catcher for doll and CHILD

When it's time to go to bed, our Muffin Set Nighty Night is the perfect all-round carefree package for a relaxed evening routine.

Our muffin is filled with fluffy cotton and granules, which makes it really cuddly.
She also has a dream catcher for herself, doll mom or doll dad. He catches bad dreams in his net and ensures a happy sleep.  

Baby Pure Starry Sky

This first doll is the perfect sleeping companion for babies and children.

Baby Pure Starry Sky can be used for cuddling and calming before going to bed and can be wonderfully integrated into the sleep routine.

She has been designed especially for very young babies (0+) and is so light that even delicate baby hands can hold it.

The outfit consists of cuddly soft fabrics from certified organic farming and invites to cuddle and fall asleep. 

- The famous helper for a relaxed and sound sleep!

For generations of children, the original   was and still is a daily evening ritual: he always arrives at the same time, brings a good night story and sends the children to the land of dreams with a pinch of dream sand. A real sleep helper celebrity!

If it is difficult to fall asleep, will be a faithful companion and helper.
Two of "unser Sandmännchen" are equipped with an integrated piece of music that plays the well known Sandman song to help babies and children fall asleep.
The famous sound of the musical work create relaxing atmosphere and evening ritual  and help the little ones to come to rest and fall asleep. Is is not marvellous that this celebrity can come to cuddle!

Create relaxing evening rituals

For babies and children, it is important to integrate recurring processes into everyday life.
Calming rituals help the little ones to associate the night with sleeping and thus fall asleep better.

 6 tips to give babies and children a restful, sweet and sound sleep:

     Massage  or gentle touch - Massage techniques or strokes relax the muscles and achieve a calming effect. To support use a lavender oil.

Play relaxing music
- play soft and calming music which helps so fall asleep. 
Our playlist Götz sleep good songs  is esspacially created to suppert that.

         Read good night stories - your soft voice  and words help to create a relaxed atmosphere.

 Take a warm bath - a relaxing bath before going to bed can help babies to calm down. Relaxing organic  bath oils  are a good helper as well.

Dim the light - reduce the brightness in the room before goingto bed to create a quieter environment.
That's how you signal that it's time to calm down.

Regular times to go to bed - Fixed sleep times help to provide a routine and familiar sleep time.