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Let your life be colourful!

Colours and their effect on children

Not only the nature shows many different facets and different colours, also we humans are different and colourful. You can see this in your inner family circle for sure. Many times the colours of our clothing express our emotional state. Which colours does your child consciously observe already? During a walk, on the way to kindergarten or on the playground you can search for colours together. Colours which are around us directly influence our world of feelings.

meaning of colours

Red – hardly any colour is so energetic like red. This colour stimulates both metabolism and circulation and visibly wakens up. This is why red is not suitable for rooms in which children shall come to rest. In order to not to excite your little one "less is more" applies here.

Blue – this colour is simply calming and due to this perfect for your little one's sleeping room. When your child is very restless a blue room may be helpful to improve concentration.

Rose – this soft pastel appears as inconspicious as simple and has a calming effect. But attention: Not to confuse rose with bright pink! This colour has the opposite effect.

Green – this colour is said to be the origin of creativity.  A green wall in the children's room gives the room safety, the feeling of security and activates mental activity at the same time - in this way learning will be done more easily!

Very easy - Make your own rainbow!

Did your child know …

... how a rainbow forms?

The sunlight contains all colours from violet to blue, green and red. Overall the sun light seems to be white. A waterdrop then splits out the different colours in bows. A rainbow forms. You can watch this beautiful colour spectacle in the sky.

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