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Family action spring tidy up

All you need to konow about spring tidy up with children!

Kind faltet gelben Pullover

Cleaning gloves on, ready, let's go!

Finally, the grey season is over.
Spring may come.
Open the windows and let in the air of spring!
And now we're mucking out! When the whole family joins in, spring cleaning runs twice as fast and is even really fun.
It's easier with music. So turn up your favorite song loudly. Your child can dance, clean up and have a lot of fun doing it.

We have compiled our favourite cleanup songs for you!

If you integrate your child into the clean-up work, you give her or him the feeling of taking on an important and supporting role. Also, be sure to give your child a task that he or she can master well. This creates trust and you show: "I trust you!"

Spring time is tidy up time