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Götz Babies – Baby dolls to play and love 

Baby dolls often are the declared favourites of little doll mothers and fathers over years. They are light, cuddly and pleasantly soft and they look like real babies! You can rock them in your arms, change nappies, dress them, feed a bottle, put them to bed and go for a walk. Some may even be bathed extensively and then dry quickly in the air. Size, weight and material of the Götz baby dolls depend on the age of the doll parents. For each age group there are special requirements a baby doll should meet. The Baby Pure series was designed as the first cuddly toy from the first days of life while the baby Muffins can be styled with hair and thus build the bridge to the standing dolls

The right baby doll for your child: dolls you wish for from Götz

Children can play with their baby dolls devotedly and persistently. They develop creative ideas and consider the doll as their own child or as their best friend. Sometimes they see her as the longed for little sister or brother. The free play with Götz baby dolls enriches the children's world of learning and experience in various ways right from the start

For example, the dolls of the Baby Pure series: They are extremely safe, machine washable and are made exclusively from kbA (controlled organic farming) fabrics so that they are the perfect giveaway at birth. For the next age group from 18 months on, the cuddly Muffins with their sky blue sleeping eyes are perfect. Götz babies are available in three sizes. Filled with cotton wool and soft granules, they are particularly pliable and cuddly soft.

Some of our baby dolls are designed for children from 3 years of age. At this age, doll mothers and fathers are particularly caring: they want to change nappies, bathe their baby after feeding and are happy when it is indistinguishable from a real baby both externally and when carrying. Bath babies or Cookies are just right for the slightly older doll mothers and fathers. The bath babies are available with a fabric body or with a waterproof hard doll body. Cookies, on the other hand, have different qualities as baby dolls: As big as a real newborn and almost as heavy,  they are particularly suitable for children from 5 years of age. The accessories also leave nothing to be desired.