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Götz standing dolls clothing

As with children, so with dolls: fashion today is much more than just clothing. It is an expression of personality. The Götz doll fashion for standing dolls makes it possible to transfer this to the doll friend in creative play through style, coolness and current fashion trends. Express yourself also applies to doll mums and dads with their dolls at Götz. Whether it's for a yoga class together, riding together, elegant at a child's birthday party or a walk in all weathers - there is a suitable doll style for every occasion. 

Fashion for standing dolls in the correct size

For each of our standing dolls - Götz girls - the Götz Dolls Boutique offers fashion for styling and creative play in the right size. The doll fashion for standing dolls is available in the sizes XS (25-30 cm) for Just Like Me, XM (36 cm) for Little Kidz, XL (45-50 cm) for Hannah, Happy Kidz and Precious Day Girls. 
You can find out which size fits your doll in the Götz Accessory Finder.

Learning through playing

Through the large variety of different doll fashion and accessories, your child learns to combine, to style imaginatively and to try out their own ideas in a playful way. Through active play, children learn to understand their world better. Motor skills and intelligence are encouraged through different materials, such as fluffy soft fabrics, robust canvas fabrics or functions like fastening buttons or tying bows. We consciously design the Götz doll fashion with this in mind.

Sustainable - from old to new

The Götz doll hospital makes your old and much-loved doll ready again for new adventures with the young doll mum: dad. The doll's friend is cared for and sent back to her/his home. Now just something cool and fashionable for the doll's wardrobe - ready! Isn't it a great feeling to pass on something of your own with little effort and thus live sustainably with a clear conscience?