Finding the correct size

Our high-quality clothing is suitable for nearly all current doll models!

And it’s so easy to find the correct size:

Baby dolls

 (icon-babypuppen_gr.gif)Baby dolls and baby doll clothing each display a baby doll symbol so it’s really quick to find!

The clothing is divided into three different sizes:

  • Size S suitable for dolls sizes 30-33 cm
  • Size M suitable for dolls sizes 42-46 cm
  • Size L suitable for dolls sizes 48-50 cm

Our size M perfectly fits a 43 cm baby doll for example!

Standing dolls


The standing dolls and standing dolls clothing each display an appropriate standing doll symbol and are also really quick to find.

Clothing is divided into two different sizes:

  • Size XS is suitable for standing dolls size 25-30 cm
  • Size XL is suitable for standing dolls size 45-50 cm

It is important to differentiate between the standing and baby dolls, as the clothing for standing dolls is made narrower than for the baby dolls.

sizes / icons
  • Baby dolls:
  • S = 30-33 cm
  • M = 42-46 cm
  • L = 48-50 cm
  • Standing dolls:
  • XL = 45-50 cm
  • XM = 36 cm
  • XS = 25-30 cm
  • suitable from 0 years
  • suitable from 3 years
  • suitable from 18 months
  • fabrics are organically sourced
  • creative play
  • drink and potty function
  • washable
  • soft fabrics
  • waterproof
  • multi-joint standing doll
  • quality hallmark
  • safety
  • Limited edition
  • 12 pieces
  • Dummy included
  • Diaper included
  • Information according to the Battery Statute (BattG)
* incl. tax, plus shipping
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