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Süßigkeiten und Partyhüte zum feiern von Fasching
Children's carnival

Colourful carnival

Welcome to the fabulously crazy children's carnival world, where our little ones become real party gurus! Get the whole family dressed up in their craziest costumes, and look forward to great tips and tricks that will ensure a good dose of fun.

The children's carnival tradition originates from the carnival customs celebrated worldwide. At the carnival, our little participants can plunge into the fantastic world of imagination by slipping into the skin of their favourite characters or presenting themselves in creative costumes.

Today's everyday heroes are transformed into princesses, superheroes and fabulous creatures who embark on a journey through the realm of fantasy together. The children's carnival is not just a party but a magical adventure where children can immerse themselves in a world of fun and reverie.

4 must-haves for every carnival party

  • Fun & Games 
    Whether it's the presentation of your costume on the in-house catwalk, a karaoke interlude to your favourite hits or a balloon parcours through the flat - games are a must!

  • Today, it's time for snacking!
    What would a carnival be without treats? Savoury or sweet - preferably both. 
    Small party snacks such as muffins are perfect for savoury or sweet snacking.

  • DYI carnival decoration
    Would you like something a little more unusual and creative this year? 
    Something other than balloons and confetti? You can find fantastic ideas to make your own here.

  • Music
    A party without music is not a party. With our Götz carnival playlist 
    no one is left sitting on their chairs, and no dancing leg remains still.

Costume ideas:

The best costume ideas for the children's carnival

Most children enjoy dressing up and taking on different roles during carnival. Role-playing with dolls and dressing them up can be a significant part. Whether as a favourite prince or princess from a fairy tale or film, a brave superhero or heroine, a fantastic mythical creature or a cute animal - the choice of children's costumes is diverse. It's not that easy to choose the right outfit for your children.

It's best to ask your children what they want to dress up as. After all, the little ones spend much time in their chosen costumes and should naturally feel comfortable.

Depending on the age of your children, we recommend different costumes you can suggest to your offspring. It should be noted that younger carnival revellers should consider less scary options.

Older children may also enjoy dressing up as mummies, monsters, or villains. You know your children best - together, you will find a great costume that the little ones might not even want to take off after the children's carnival.

Matching dolls and accessories for the fancy dress party

Braided hairstyles for the children's carnival

The children's carnival offers the perfect opportunity to conjure creative braided hairstyles and style your hair and our dolls. Götz dolls and hairdressing heads are perfect for practising. You can playfully create hairstyles with our hard-wearing and durable doll's hair.

Braiding not only requires skill but also cross-over movements that help to train both sides of the brain. This not only encourages creativity but also strengthens motor skills.

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash