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Find suitable accessories by the number identification in the neck of your doll!
Find suitable accessories by the number identification in the neck of your doll!
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Find suitable accessories by the number identification in the neck of your doll!
Find suitable accessories by the number identification in the neck of your doll!

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Götz doll clothes – fashionable modern style with adorable details

Part of playing with dolls is the joy of dressing dolls nicely. Getting dolls dressed, undressed and changed fascinates children over and over again. Little doll mothers and fathers have very precise fashion ideas from an early age. They know what's in fashion: the latest colours, cuts and designs for spring, summer, autumn and winter! Our Götz high-quality, carefully crafted doll clothes are, therefore, perfectly tailored to the wishes of the doll's parents. All doll clothes are well-fitted due to the distinction between baby dolls and standing dolls. Doll clothes for the rounder baby dolls are slightly wider, while clothes for standing dolls have a narrow cut. Doll shoes and boots are also tailored precisely to the respective foot sizes and fit comfortably - not too tight and yet firmly on the doll's foot.

The perfect fit : doll clothes made to measure

Discover all Götz dolls and which doll fits what!


To ensure that Götz doll clothes always fit perfectly, they are manufactured in six different sizes. The yardstick is the body length of the doll. With our doll fashion, however, there is also a distinction between baby dolls and standing dolls.
- Baby dolls fit the doll dress sizes S (30-33 cm), M (42-46 cm) and L (48-50 cm).
- For standing dolls, the doll dress sizes XS (25-30 cm), XM (36 cm) and XL (45-50 cm) are suitable.
When making your selection, simply look for the corresponding symbols with which the doll's clothes are clearly marked.

All our doll clothes can be wonderfully combined with each other over and over again.
Good to know: Götz doll clothes also fit most dolls from other manufacturers, as long as sizes and measurements match.

What to consider when choosing doll clothes

Our Götz doll boutique offers a large selection of doll clothes for all our standing and baby dolls. But how do you actually find the right garment for a doll? The following points will help you choose suitable doll clothes:

- Right size: make sure the doll clothes fit the size of your doll. Depending on whether it is a baby doll or a standing doll, different sizes are necessary. When choosing clothes for Götz dolls, simply look for the corresponding symbols with which the doll clothes are clearly marked.

- Style & functionality of the doll clothes: Choose the style and design of the doll clothes. Consider whether you are looking for modern clothes, casual clothes or outfits for special occasions. Choose something that fits your doll and child's personality and play theme. Since little doll mommies and daddies usually already have their own tastes, it's best to pick out doll clothes together. In our doll clothes assortment, we offer both functional doll clothes, such as rubber boots, as well as chic little dresses for festive occasions.

- Material & Quality: High-quality materials, such as organic cotton, are well suited for doll clothes as they are durable and comfortable to play with. That's why Götz offers a high standard of quality. We pay attention to the high quality of the seams, closures and general artistry of the doll clothes. High-quality clothes last longer and stay more beautiful!

- Care instructions: Check the care instructions for the doll clothes. Some clothes can only be washed by hand, while others are machine washable. Easy-to-care-for doll fashion ensures longer playtime fun.

Good to know: Doll fashion by Götz can be washed at up to 30 degrees in the washing machine and is particularly easy to care for.

Fashionable doll clothes - trends for every season

Clothes have to look great and fit the season. This applies just as much to doll clothes, which are based on the latest children's fashions with the collections for spring/summer and autumn/winter collections. With fashion from Götz, dolls are beautifully styled in every season - from head to toe.

Doll clothes for spring & summer

Our high-quality doll clothes from Götz offer an extensive selection of fashionable dresses, airy trousers and chic shirts for spring and summer. Spring & summer accessories, such as sunglasses, sun hats or swimwear & swimming goggles for bathing fun with dolls, must, of course, not be missing and are perfect companions for sunny days! The doll outfits are coordinated with the latest fashion trends and are characterised by casualness and fresh details - perfect for breezy spring moments and warm sunny days. The different designs and colours also encourage children's imagination and playful development.

Dolls' clothing for autumn & winter

The doll fashion collection for autumn/winter has a varied selection of trendy jackets in trendy colours, cosy knitted jumpers and long trousers. Whether cuddly Onesies, warm suits for the next sleigh ride or chic doll dresses for the big party - with the Götz autumn/winter collection, the doll child is dressed stylishly and warmly. So the little offspring can experience beautiful & cuddly moments together with the Götz doll and the matching doll clothes.

Organic doll fashion - organic toys in high quality 

The health of children is very important to us. Therefore, it is our concern to bring natural materials of high quality into the children's rooms of this world. We are constantly working to expand our range of organic toys to provide children with a sustainable and safe play environment. For us, organic dolls and organic doll accessories are primarily characterised by material. All our cuddly soft suits and berets are made from the highest quality organic cotton, carefully sourced from controlled organic cultivation (kb). We pride ourselves on offering products that protect both children's health and the environment. Dive into our eco-friendly doll fashion and lots of sustainable playtime fun.

Gender-neutral doll fashion

Götz offers a wide range of gender-neutral doll fashion. The gender-neutral doll clothes make it possible to encourage children's imagination and creativity regardless of gender norms. With various trendy styles and colours, we at Götz offer doll clothes that will delight both boys and girls. Our aim is to give children the space to be who they are and, with our dolls, to have a play companion that supports creativity and free development during their period of growth and development. We want to support each child's individual journey of discovery instead of defining discovery.

Doll shoes from the Götz shoe collection

Shoes for dolls are very important for the style of the fashion-conscious doll mum or doll dad. Doll shoes from Götz match the foot size of the baby dolls and stand-up dolls and offer a comfortable fit. They sit firmly on the doll's foot, neither too tight nor too loose. You can never have enough shoes, whether sneakers, sandals, winter boots, skates, rubber boots or ballerinas. Our doll shoes make every outfit perfect and are available in various sizes, designs and colours. So the doll is perfectly equipped for the next adventure.

Learning through playing with doll clothes

Children's motor skills are encouraged and consolidated through play, such as dressing, undressing and changing our dolls' fashion. At the same time, playing with doll clothes encourages creativity as the little ones learn to combine, style and create their own creations, which they are very proud of. Buttons, buttonholes, shoelaces or ribbons allow for playful practice and thus encourage playfulness. Our doll clothes are perfectly finished, meaning pockets, buttonholes and embroidery are realistically realised and not sewn on as appliqués. The many possible variations of the individual clothing items for dolls and the high-quality details encourage creative and fine motor skills. Our dolls' fashion opens up endless possibilities for the little ones to play with. Various experiences or everyday situations can be re-enacted and thus better processed. Or they can create their own stories and slip into the role of their favourite doll. The wonderful Götz world of dolls is limitless.

To keep doll clothes dust-protected and tidy, small boxes or cartons are suitable, preferably lockable. Doll clothes can be washed, dried, folded and sorted at a maximum of 30 degrees. This way, dolls' clothes stay beautiful and intact for a long time. In addition to boxes and cartons, doll clothes cupboards, such as our cupboard case Karl, are also suitable for storing doll clothes. In the doll clothes cupboard, doll mums and dads can store plenty of clothes and accessories neatly. The doll clothes can either be sorted into the five large drawers or find their place on the clothes rail. Padded, elegant hangers are suitable for hanging up the dolls' clothes. Our doll's wardrobe is not only a stylish decoration for the children's room, but the child also learns to keep order in a playful way.

Doll fashion by Götz is easy to care for and washable. Due to its good and high-quality, it can be washed and ironed just like the fashion for mother and child. If the doll clothes have stains, we recommend cold washing at a maximum of 30 degrees and ironing on the lowest setting.

Götz doll fashion is designed with great care and attention to detail. As the safety of the little ones has the utmost priority at Götz, we would like to point out that our doll fashion is suitable from the age of three, as it contains small parts that could pose a choking hazard for younger children.