Muffin Jungle

  • Babydoll
  • Weight: 420g
  • washable soft body
  • sleep eyes
  • dummy

flowers & stripes is the theme , which make our Götz baby muffin very special for warm and sunny days. She wears a flower print blouse under her flap trousers. Endorned with a glitter flower print and striped in pink and white. Her trousers are closed with two original metal closers easy to open und close.

She loves her extraordinary little flower printed joggers with velvet shoestrings.

She wears her favorite hairdo. Little net lace flower elastics hold it tot wo beautiful buns.

For different occasions she can choose from our vast boutqie and her hair can be styled,washed and combed with ease.

Muffins are filled with fluffy cotton wool and granules, making them really cuddly. Children can easily undress them and put their clothes back on.

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