Maxy muffins are 16,5 inch tall. Their hair is premium quality and in handling and touch human alike. With their hairbrush they can be styled, washed and combed. The implanted hair garuantees creative play and is especially durable.

The doll are stuffed with Synthetik wool and granules. They can be dressed and undressed with ease.

  • This doll is safe for the age of 3 years and up.

  • Götz babies are created with special care to the needs of the little ones. They are machine-washable and bendable. Available sizes 33cm/13 inch, 42cm/16,5 inch, 48cm/19 inch.

  • Dolls with soft bodies, covered in a pillow case, can be machine washed cold and put into the drier. Dolls with hard bodies can be washed with a damp cloth. Clothing machine washable, cold please.

  • This toy enhances creative, development supportive and free play. For further information see "creative play".

  • All materials used are tested according to the european safety regularities. No harmful colors or softeners contained. For further information see "quality and safety".

  • Götz dolls with sponge velvet are cushy and cuddly soft.

Savety through quality

  • Sleep eyes

  • Washable hair

  • Soft body doll

  • Sitting function

  • With accessories

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