Cosy Aquini

The soft body filled with soft beads make our cosy aquini to be s cuddly friend and a bathbaby at the same time. due ti the soft filling the doll can foat and after bathing fun it will air-dry in a short while.

Newborn Aquini

The aquini bathbabies are atmomically correct. The painted eyes make the dolls come alive. The bathbaies are 100% waterproof. Only bottle-fed water leaves the body.


Also the aquini bathbabies are modelled anatomically correct. The painted eyes make the dolls come alive. The dolls are 100% waterproof. Only bottel-fed water leaves the body. Each aquini doll has its own potty, feeding bottle and towel.

  • This doll is safe for the age of 3 years and up.

  • Bathbaby

  • Götz babies are created with special care to the needs of the little ones. They are machine-washable and bendable. Available sizes 33cm/13 inch, 42cm/16,5 inch, 48cm/19 inch.

  • Dolls with soft bodies, covered in a pillow case, can be machine washed cold and put into the drier. Dolls with hard bodies can be washed with a damp cloth. Clothing machine washable, cold please.

  • All materials used are tested according to the european safety regularities. No harmful colors or softeners contained. For further information see "quality and safety".

Savety through quality

  • Sitting function

  • With accessories

  • Hard body doll

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