creative play

At Götz Puppenmanufaktur starting with the development process, we care about our product supporting the individual development of cogntive abilities such as perception, learning, recall, thinking and empathy as well as creative and endless play.

Playing with dolls stimulates and stipulates the active and creative presence of the child during play. Give your child the possibility to conjure it`s own world, to be the creatore of it´s own play.

Children enjoy to undress, redress and style dolls, to see the vast possibilies of combination in the end. Creative play allows the child it`s own world, which can be experienced through active roleplay only. Last but not least this opens a healthy possibility to handle the many impressions which a child is confronted with daily.The neutral facial expression of a Götz doll enables the child to feel understood in all emotional states., such as joy sadness affection or fear.

The humanlike appearance makes the Götz doll the child`s „ best friend“ in very short time. The caring details such as sleep eyes or drink and wet functions as well as the possibility to take the bathbabies for a bath, create the child´s own baby, a real companion.

All our garments are perfectly finished such as buttonholes, pockets and embroideries etc.. The many variations of these details just promote the creativity and motor skills of children.The deliberate addiction of electronic functions allows endless creativity and reduces unnecessary amenities.

The child can concentrate on It´s play and learns to deal with an idea consciously. This cognitive abilities such as perception, learning, recall, thinking and empathy are developed individually.

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