(2018_goetz-dolls_katalog-cover500_ev_en.jpg)Children enjoy doll play like dressing, undressing and finally seeing how wonderful everything combines. Creative play gives children a world which can be experienced in role play only. Among other things, role play helps to handle the many daily impressions which children are confronted with. The neutral facial expressions of our doll allow the child to feel comfort- able in all emotional situations (such as joy, sadness, affection). The many variations and details just promote the creative and motor skills of children. Our Götz dolls are tested for children 3 years and older. You can also find dolls tested 0+ years or 18months and up, marked with our age icon. 

The deliberate abdication of electronic functions allows endless creativity and reduces unnecessary amenities. The child can concentrate on playing. Thus cognitive abilities such as perception, learning, recall, thinking and empathy are developed individually.

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sizes / icons
  • Baby dolls:
  • S = 30-33 cm
  • M = 42-46 cm
  • L = 48-50 cm
  • Standing dolls:
  • XL = 45-50 cm
  • XS = 25-30 cm
  • suitable from 0 years
  • suitable from 3 years
  • suitable from 18 months
  • suitability depends on equipment
  • fabrics are organically sourced
  • creative play
  • drink and potty function
  • washable
  • soft fabrics
  • waterproof
  • multi-joint standing doll
  • quality hallmark
  • safety
  • Hildegard Günzel
  • Limited edition
  • 12 pieces
  • Dummy included
  • Information according to the Battery Statute (BattG)
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