Vroni, Laura, Lena und Luisa enable endless creative play. All wishes come true. Their additional joints in knee and stay elbow let them stay in a vast variety of positions. They can join in yoga lessons, can ride on the Götz plush horse and can climb with ease. Their long hair is very durable and allows creative and hip hairstyling as well as hair washing. Creative styling and play.

The multi - jointed body of our Classic Kidz allows playing with natural positions.

  • Each Götz handcrafted doll carries a certificate as well as a Götz seal - this proofs the authenticity.

  • Artist edition Hildegard Günzel.

  • Götz multi jointed doll.

  • This doll is safe for the age of 3 years and up.

  • This toy enhances creative, development supportive and free play. For further information see "creative play".

  • All materials used are tested according to the european safety regularities. No harmful colors or softeners contained. For further information see "quality and safety".

Savety through quality

  • Washable hair

  • Artist sculpted

  • Ball jointed

  • Hard body doll 19,5 inch / 50 cm

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